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I was thinking that should PG consider to increase the available slot to be increased as there is altas not for most team and its a hustle to keep swapping dragon out in roster just to have enough available attacking dragons for the attack.

Umm, you get a max of 10 dragons in your roster. You can only use 3 per attack.


Ten slots seems like more than enough to have some prime attack dragons, a few specialists like ember and sylphen, and a few leveling dragons in. I can’t really think why you’d need more. Also don’t see what this has to do with atlas.


Besides, more dragons in your roster will give you more egg mission varities which isnt helpful as you should only keep ember to make those missions both easier and faster

i know that there is 10 slots, and imagine this, u need 3 slot to do atlas mission which will left u with 7 unless u swap out of the roster every time. 7 slot - 1 slot for ember = 6 slots, this actually eats up more potions u are doing continuous attack as lesser slot dragon available and more work to swap in and out dragons. its not as convenient as before as u got full 10 slot of available dragons for u to utilized.

Swap out dragons used for atlas mission!
Does it need to be in roster to set Atlas mission?
I forgot, since I don’t have it atm…


Yes I only run atlas missions on dragons not in my roster, no idea why you would do that.


No one is forcing you to keep dragons on Atlas missions in your roster

i understand it can be swap, i just suggesting maybe it can be more convenient to have more slots to improve the game play.

The only time I used all 10 effectively is when running exp run in Atlas.
At that time, 10 of them (there are 11, but one is Ryuu) take turns.

Keep your atlas mission dragons in your den. They never need to go to your roster.
Even with the current cap at ten, you can’t see all your dragons, imagine if they upped it to 15 and the scroll time on that and throw in the scroll bug.

3-5 main attack dragons, ember, and then 3 invader mules and then a drag you’re training. Plenty of space :man_shrugging:t3:


I’m a minimalist. I have 3 in my roster and whatever I’m training (usually 1 or 2).

I was hoping it was a request to increase the width of the roster band in matchmaking because seriously it’s a bit frustrating…

Look at all this wasted space when we could have a centered band 3 spots larger to see all 10 Dragons at once…

On topic : I don’t think it is necessary to increase the number of Dragons in the roster, we are forced to make choices.

I can understand not everyone have spare riders to do Atlas missions so you have to use your active riders and active Dragons, but not everyone has Atlas yet and missions aren’t mandatory (don’t bite me for saying that, I just feel the reward aren’t worth it :sweat_smile:).

So it seems you have more work to do for more resources, I find that fair enough.

Edit : @Lutrus beat me to it again :smile:


You don’t need a dragon in your roster for an atlas mission. They just need a rider

Related option is multiple presets to swap out for and to drop rule rule that healing drags cant be swapped

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