Increasing my level

No matter how much I level my towers up my level remains the same. I’ve leveled up around 12 towers and my level hasn’t gone up even a little.

Did you use Tower merge?
Too much merging / transforming will “reduce” your XP, thus you’ll need more XP to level up.


Did you merge/transform?

I merged a bunch (stupid, horrible mistake) right when the feature came out. One tower typically gets ~85% of my necessary xp

After I merged a bunch, I needed to upgrade 12 towers. So many damn timers for one level. Never again


It’s a very useful tool, especially when fixing a wasted base. So it shouldn’t be arbitrarily dismissed. Just puts you in an XP hole that PG was very upfront about.


only reason for that is merging? How many twrs did you merge and what lvl are you? how much xp is required for your next lvl? those are the things you should look at.

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lol i killed off 5m xp then leveled 3 was put in the hole that is the price u pay tho the xp has to go somewhere

So… you’re saying you now have significantly stronger towers for your level. Nice, looks like it’s working exactly as it should.


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