Increasing Nockmar’s Doom Call Cooldown

TLDR: Today we are increasing Nockmar’s Doom Call cooldown to 6 seconds from 4. The updated Nockmar will still represent a net buff from that originally launched at the beginning of Strange Lands, but addresses what has turned out to be an initial overcorrection.

As promised when we buffed Nockmar in the Fall, we have been watching the dragon closely. Nockmar is performing far above its expected power level even when compared to other seasonal mythics. Nockmar’s ability to keep nearby towers permanently stunned with sequential uses of Doom Call leaves no window for counterplay.

In hindsight, the buff to Nockmar was poorly considered; a white spell that freezes towers for 4 seconds should always have more than a 4 second cooldown or the opposing base never has a chance to attack. Because of this, we have increased Doom Call’s cooldown to 6 seconds which will allow at least a two second window for defenders to attempt to attack the dragon. With Dread Aegis, Nockmar has sufficient tools to cover this small window where nearby towers are not stunned.

Note that even after this change, Nockmar has a net buff on where his stats started at the beginning of Strange Lands and testing has shown that Nockmar has a good chance against any base and ample tools to tear apart opponents.