Incubator egg id


There is an icon in the top of each incubating egg with a dragon head and a question mark. It would be helpful if it actually worked to give a name of the dragon the egg creates. That way we don’t waste breeding fragments shards on dragons that we’re not actively working towards. Anyone else think this would help


My incubator is currently incubating so i can’t check. If memory serves, it gives you the Dragons title.
e.g. it would tell you this egg belongs to “Hulking Monster” . You then have to check the breeding castle to work out that “Hulking Monster” = “Kaiju”

I agree with you @megan9347 . Let’s get this fixed.


Just apply mystic frags through the castle breeding page. Click on the egg you you are breeding and it pulls up a page where you can apply the mystics directly.

@UnseatedDonkey – It used to give you the title but looking now it no longer does.


Thanks for checking @defpolak .

Thinking about it… It would also be nice to check the incubator WHILE an egg is incubating.


Ohhh you know what, I’ve always just found the egg shape in the castle to identify the egg in the incubator queue, started doing that when I hatched a dragon I didn’t intend to.

It would be a nice feature to be able to tap on that question mark and see who’s ready for cooking.


Hi. This is by design. It’s supposed to be a bit of a surprise what hatches out of an egg. If you’re interested enough in figuring out the mystery, you can look at the details of how the egg shape looks and figure out which one you’ll get.

About which dragon egg?

That’s exactly what I do lol. Gives a little Sherlock Holmes feeling to stuff.


TBH I don’t get the need for a ‘surprise’. The user has bred the egg because thats the one they wanted to get, so once bred the game should just identify the eggs they already have. Its just additional effort for the player for no real reason - poor user experience IMO.

Yes yes, I know what some are going to say - that breeding will give more than just the egg the player really wanted, but that’s no reason to make things harder for players for no apparent reason. Scrap this I say!


Inn your breeding den the one that is incubator no longer says ready to breed above it :+1:t2:


sorry but we players dont like the idea of a surprise specially with a surprise for 45 days then it wasnt the right dragon. just change it. simple as that.


I personally would prefer to see which egg they are. The surprise comes from breeding sometimes when you breed one egg but another gets unlocked during.


It’s not a surprise though. Everyone just makes the effort to match the egg images to work out what they are hatching. Nobody wants to spend 20 days hatching the wrong egg. :egg:


LOL, exactly it’s supposed to be a surprise :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I also sent a message to support asking for them to do as you are suggesting. I agree it would be helpful to all players.


Somewhat off topic - but it a question about eggs.

Upgrading the builders hut needs eggs - if I have some platinum eggs that I’m waiting to put in the incubator and upgrade the builders hut that needs platinum eggs can I choose which platinum eggs it uses or will it just not use the first platinum egg of any dragon type?


I believe it works the same as spending eggs for research


Thanks … is it really bad that I dont know how egg spending for research works after a year of playing the game ? :slight_smile:


I believe you are asking if a platinum egg that is for a dragon which you have not hatched yet can be used to upgrade a builder’s hut or for research?
If so, the answer is no; if you do not yet have that dragon, the egg does not appear in the quantity you have on hand for upgrading or research. You can’t accidentally (or purposely) use an egg you can hatch.


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