Incubator eggs and the question mark

Hi so the topic was closed a year ago and id like to re-open and suggest that when you open your incubator and you have 6 eggs that are ready to hatch I think I speak for most of us that we would like to know which egg I’m hatching, I think it used to tell you and now does not so can it be brought back? its very annoying when I’m breeding 2 gold eggs and it pops up that breeding is complete and what really is complete is 3 green eggs and 1 gold that I didn’t want or already have. its actually not cool and wasteful to put the element of surprise in it as a “PG” person put it in another thread. all replies to the thread were just change it back.

I did find this to be a problem for tiers platinum and below especially when in a short time you can breed multiple dragons in the same tier but once you get further down the line and you are only able to breed one specific dragon it’s very easy to know which one to incubate.
I have no idea you could be breeding Harbinger dragons I was just saying that I never had this problem
Again once was into sapphire and beyond.

I dont think it’s actually a problem because you can go back to the breeding study the egg and choose the correct one but sometimes they look very familiar lol It was just kind of annoying in earlier tiers.

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You can tell by looking at the egg in the breeding castle and comparing the pattern / color / shading on the egg in the incubator.

Once you get all your eggs up through plats hatched you won’t have to worry as you won’t ever have more than an egg or two to hatch (counting the seasonal divines).

This… I have had to take screen shots to be sure, but it works.

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