Individual Quest

There is one part of the game that is seldom looked at, and that is the quest that each player can accomplish. About the only time I look at it is when I have accomplished a quest, and I have a reward to claim.
Is it possible to gear the rewards to the players level? This will give incentive for the players to accomplish a quest.

Is it really you? We have been waiting for this hero for years!

Is it this u speak of?

Yes it is

I agree there should be more quests

L agree there should be more quests and also if they have to give us a spell for completing it at least make it a good spell and give us a couple of them. Not just one. Quests are horrible right now please make it better PG? Pretty please???

What quests? Lol


Are those the only two you have?

Only got one really, the token quests aren’t really part of the main quests.

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