Individual team competition


Not sure if this is in the right topic so please move if not. This is merely a suggestion and possibly some advice.

I have been thinking about ways to maintain member activity by possibly having a feature that leaders and officers of any guild could set up a weekly or monthly team competition, something like an anagram or quiz, not too sure what else hence the post to see what others thoughts are ( please keep recent matters out as I know people are quitting ect, all I want is to make it a little more fun in my own team and for other teams ).

PG could possibly come up with something that gives us officers and leaders a little more control of the team dynamics and create fun and friendly taskt/challenges ect in each individual guild, might seem far fetched, not sure if someone has posted something similar.

Not only would it make certain teams sought after but will definitely increase loyalty. As an officer, I would happily put $5 a month into a reward for the winner, each officer could put in as much or as little as they like, obviously the rules would need to be strict as some may try it with their alts as well for a better chance maybe, who knows.

Anyways, sorry for the long post, just a thought :grin:

Be nice please haha

So, the officers and leader would have to pay for the highest contributor? :thinking:

can’t you just send the winner a prepaid visa card (or itunes, or Google play or…?) number to use when they win? Here in my area I can go to my warehouse club and buy multiple cards for less than face value (hope that’s not considered cheating in some weird way) depending on how things are in your area.

Maybe I miss your point?


Well they could if thet wanted to, I’m talking like a couple of dollars each not big amounts, just a little incentive or if PG would give us officers/leaders like a gold crate a month/weekly to give away and we couldn’t use them for our self’s, just an idea obviously lol

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Ahh okay, now I see. Good idea, but I don’t think PG would want to give away free things such as that.

Basically exactly what you said, I thought about an apple gift card but minimum value you can purchase is ÂŁ15 in the UK so not too sure tbh

Haha yeah I doubt it also, although it would add some in team fun, plus they wouldn’t have to give us them, we could purchase one to give away perhaps. Not sure what competition we could have in teams, my team has various levels so for example, top weekly medal count, wouldn’t be fair on lower levels who maybe can’t get as many as the high levels, just not too sure about it tbh

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