Ineligible event - without participating

I didn’t participate on the event yesterday, and today I switched team, and now I’m ineligible to participate in this event.

Isn’t that a bug?


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This is expected, though it could use a warning before people switch teams :frowning: (click the post below for screenshots)


So I can’t participate in the event because I did attacks in the treasure hunting phase?

Yeah its not right. this needs to change.

You switched after the treasure hunt phase if what you initially said is correct. Once the pvp phase starts, it “locks in” the roster and if you change teams, it will change your eligibility status from eligible to not.

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That blows

I LIKE the lock in feature, keeps people from jumping teams constantly.

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Would be nice if the lock in feature only affected those who have participated in the event. Then inactive or non participating players could be kicked from the team and still have an oppertunity to collect individual prizes upon joining a new team.

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That doesnt make sense to me. Should still get personal rewards regardless and only thing not eligible should be team contribution. No high league tier team is gonna let members leave to join low league team for personal prizes then come back…what would be the point to come back, it wouldnt be for a good team prize thats for sure.

I haven’t played in a few months, haven’t been on a team… I joined a team yesterday and I’m marked ineligible. This is crap. I’m a player considering a return and I have to deal with this crap right away.

That’s because that’s what your thinking about, strictly up and down movement. And “high leagues” the game isn’t just about high leagues or paying a lot.
There is also sideways movement, switching teams within the same tier. And yes, people do it.
Plus, nobody really knows if OP was referring to personal or team.
I agree, personal should still count. But team shouldn’t.
Plus, this is how it has always been. As someone mentioned, it could use a warning but otherwise, nothing new.

I think this rule is fine, but the description is wrong. From where I’m standing it reads:

Only those players are eligible to get event prizes who are with the same team from the beginning of an event till the prizes get distributed.

I like the way it is. Wars can still be declared before treasure hunt begins so if a team expect ls to increase personal prizes for an event like I don’t know tug of war. Then they should face being declared on by 24 other teams. By moving down a league Or get locked into event for the team that you are on.

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