Ineligible For Event

I know how it works, but this is ludicrous. I’ve been on my team a year. I work late sometimes and when I get home I don’t have time for much.

Why do team quests count towards the participation totals? We have 29 members who have done the actual event, but apparently 50 have started a team quest (maybe didn’t even know it!).

I am sure you guys have a way to make me eligible and I am seeking this wrong to be righted. I don’t know who I should tag for help, but I’m not missing a whole weeks worth of sigils because PG won’t fix how this is calculated.

I can’t do anything. I get it if I change teams, but… my only crime was I signed on for a few minutes last night and didn’t start my team quests and then tonight I got home late.

They can’t actually make you eligible at this point. It’s a crap situation though



  1. Did your team have roster change (kicking / accepting)?
  2. Have you tried creating a new team?
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I’d be having a strongly worded discussion with the leader and officer pool asking why there was roster swaps during treasure hunt.


There’s nothing they can do without rewriting all the code. Unfortunately you need to blame your team leadership for screwing you over. It is their job to know by now how pvps work and that someone should never be added once the event starts

You could always try joining a gold team with under 50 people and see if it’ll at least let you earn some rewards since clearly the event doesnt recognize you as bonded to your team this week


While I agree, we could have avoided this situation. The situation should never exist in the first place. While coding certainly can put someone into a status, they should be able to change a players status.

I’m much more interested in speaking with someone from PG who is also interested in helping me out. I just don’t know who to tag and I’m not going to read numerous threads to try to determine the right person.

The fact that the quests are what locked me out is infuriating.

Anyone know who I should tag?

I don’t think it is possible to reverse.

Its not possible to reverse at all was told when officer was wiling to step off event since he made a mistake and swap positions only one to blame is leadership of team

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Almost every pvp some people get screwed by this and we haven’t heard of them fixing it for anyone yet. Sad but true. You can do ok on individual sigils finding a low member team to join.

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Nah u can’t earn nothing wil say hes bound. We had tried that already

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I’m talking about SantoWitch switching teams for the week since he’s the one ineligible. It sounds like you’re talking about trying to swap and move the ineligibility to a different person.

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No u cant get personals switching we tried it u are completly off event!!! We tried the move to get a buddie of mine some type of prizing. We moved him to mini alt team to test it said he was bound to the other team so not only can u not hit in event ur personals are also screwed since it says your bound switching teams after. Will not work at all ask @PsychoCobra and @Lorinator there is how ever 1 thing u do win and thats loss of castle benifits for a day


Like, join the team it says you’re bound to. It usually has the team name in my experience.

Yeah, if they’re totally locked out even on that team, that’s insane.

edit: I do not think you’re right in all cases as at least some people have had luck with this move. So it is at least worth trying.

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Yea hes completely lock out of event sadly but sandbagging is the root cause of that in pvps only minors u can switch n do personals not majors tho which kinda sucks for op

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I’m pretty sure you’re incorrect. Your experience may not be universal.

Im pretty sure i am correct

I’m sure you’re right for the situation your team experienced. I’m also sure @henfon is right that your experience is not universal.


In which a pg employee can clearly tell you also :thinking: which others that had this experience can also state it to which if people read there e-mails ever they would know not to change during treasure hunt :laughing:

Have him do it bet it dont work

I’m speculating, but is it counting players as ‘taking part in event’ if they register a count in any team quest? E.g. if they have a quest to defend 10 times, does defending once, and therefore starting to register a score against one quest, get counted as ‘taking part’?

If so, it would be good to change it so that only completing a quest locked a player into the team (because only at that point have they actually contributed towards the chest).

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