Ineligible status: Kingdom Wars

I’ve been on holidays the first several days of the new event roll out. I got back roughly 1.5 days ago after saving energy each day (getting my 10 energy chests -> 100 energy) and ready to hit my clan requirements. But, I’m showing ineligible for the event. When I attack I don’t get points for personal achievements NOR do I get them for team achievements. When I attack the “Your battle results” page stalls and closes after 1 minute. I’ve restarted the game, my device, etc many times over this period and event points are not recording in any fashion.

I submitted a ticket over a day ago (ticket #1130111). I have not recently joined or switched clans (in fact I’ve been in my clan for a long time).

There is only 7 hours left in the event and I’ve spent a lot of resources (Energy chests and one Mega attack) trying to be in a position to catch up to event requirements for my clan only to have no ability to contribute to my team or get any personal rewards.

Please help!


Did you leave your team at any point?

No I have never left the team.

Did they have anyone else participate in the event and since leave?

I’m asking leadership. To be honest I have no clue. I have always been part of the 50 people in clan that are eligible. I can’t see a mechanism in the game working correctly if somehow an eligible person becomes ineligible because of someone leaving the clan.

Last question - have you filed a ticket about this? If so, what is the number?

We have in our team the same problem with 1 members ,

Longer in the team , no switch between teams, but also marked ineligible

His actions inteamquest also 0 but at his records he is in top 10

PG really know how to make it lame

Thanks Red, I really appreciate your help.
Leadership said that nobody has left the clan during the event at all.

I have filed a ticket for this. Ticket number is #1130111.


@PGJared - since this is a time sensitive one with ticket #1130111 anyway it can get looked at?


I’ll have an agent take a look.


I have not heard any response to this ticket still. It’s been over 2 days. Do I need to open a new ticket? This is the worst service I’ve had to any support ticket in my time playing this game.

Really? Weird. I even did some investigating with the team. Well, long story short is that there is a thing in all major events that makes is so only 50 members can participate in a team. 50 members of your team participated in the event before you did (not because you joined late, but because team members got swapped out) so you being the fifty-somethingth member of your team to participate in the event are ineligible. This is a known issue that our team is currently determining the best way to address.

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Wow, that is a new one… Now I understand why my team participation list had over 50 people on it a few weeks ago.

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maybe that’s what PG did. To prevent having more than 50 contributions recorded.

I was one of the people affected by This issue. I sent 3 support tickets over the weekend with proof of the issue I answered all the questions asked. I used 10 energy packs to get 100 energy which I was NEVER able to use. And lost it all. Every time I would attack I would get everything back. The support rep told me it was because the tile had been conquered. So I sent pictures with the tile still having points. I scroll down and see that I was ineligible. HOWEVER! like others I hadn’t left my team. BUT unlike other issues I have read through this is that there was 1 person in my team who never attacked. Ended with 0 points yet they were still eligible. So I lost my energy packs. Lost the opportunity to help my team. And set back on the sigils I could have earned, which really stings because it is already hard enough to get very far in the line when I’m a level 48. And yes, my last message was very hateful, but you can only screw up someone’s game so much when I still need prizes to go on and be successful with this game. Especially when I sent 3 messages and answered the questions asked and I never got the reply back. And yes I have screenshots of that as well

They probably could have refunded your 10 energy packs had you asked nicely.

I had the same problem couple events back on my alt and they very kindly converted my 100 energy + 20 inners into a mega coin as a one-time offer, so no energy was wasted.

It pays not to shoot the messenger. Just saying :slight_smile:

I did ask nicely for 3 messages. It was a picture book by the time I got done. Full of the errors. Full of the tiles I was attacking. Full of proof that I wasn’t getting anything. I got generic messages with questions I had already sent proof of. I sent my initial complaint. Sent the pictures of the errors I was getting. My 3rd message which i sent on Saturday still had not been answered on Monday night AFTER the event was over.

That sucks @valkyrie1786 I hope they find a solution to this. Maybe the leader could allocate the 50 places? In that way they don’t allocate to alts or teammates being replaced?

He was on our team the event before kingdom wars

Yes, I understand that. Unfortunately 50 other people on your team participated in the event before he did. It’s not about when you were part of the team, it’s about when you participated in the event as part of the team.