Ineligible without switching?


Has anyone else found themselves ineligible for the event without switching teams? I contacted support and they’re refusing to fix it and brushing it off like it just happens sometimes.


There have been others who had this happen.

Somebody was brought onto the team recently and has started to do quests before you have. The person who left had also started doing quests and has taken your spot in the event it seems.

What they are telling you is 100% correct (weird eh)


It’s more than weird. There are still 15 members of our team that have yet to complete a quest, so how and why was I chosen as the ineligible member?


They may have completed 1/5 of a quest


If they have a defend 20 times quest and join a defense room, they take a spot.

If they have a 180 supershot quest and use 1 supershot, they take a spot.

They don’t need to complete the quests, just start a single one.


I really wish they could fix the system so it went off event points not the silly almost waste of time team quests.


Yeah I got bit by this recently.

At least we know why. But it’s frustrating.

Progress towards the quests definitely will occupy slots even if it’s during the treasure hunt.

Nobody is safe


I don’t like supports answer of make sure you participate in early hours of event.
Just not possible for some people in certain time zones or even people in a suitable time zone but at work at that time. That isn’t a solution at all


The exact same thing happened to our team with 2 players. No matter how much we protested to PG, they kept sending the same crap- if you switch you cannot take part. No one had switched teams- not one player.

We never got an answer and the players who missed out on an entire event never got so much as an acknowledgement that PG were even listening.


I got in at the very beginning, within the first minute and this is what I got. I don’t know why they even bothered to suggest it.


Sooo I’ve been on the team over a year and I’m ineligible??? Only 10 people have contributed points as I was on at the start of event. Somehow the game thinks I’m new to my team? I need the sigils and I’ll be pissed if I can’t get them. I usually max events!!!


Probably ask your team not to do any kick-recruit during the first few days of pvp…


I’m right there with you. I’m not a team jumper. I participate in all events and usually do well. I had my sights set on hitting at least 80k because I need the Sigils as well. This is a clear miss with their attempt to stop players from switching leagues for better or easier prizes. They’ve ended up punishing players that haven’t switched instead.


One of my members and myself both are not eligible for the event as well even tho we didn’t leave or join the team. I’ve been told there isn’t a fix for it, but at the bare minimum, there should be compensation for the lost sigils, rubies, etc. From the event prizes.


Seing as how no points are added to the team or obtained individually without actually completing a quest, PG should fix this issue and not force a spot to be taken by someone who partially completes a quest and then bails.


sounds like karma


This is caused by new teammates who aren’t you, getting progress towards team quests before you did. (Taking your slot)

For example if one quest was supershot 80 times and you supershot even once, you have secured a slot.

If however you have no quest related activity during the treasure hunt, you risk a new player taking your slot


Sounds like salt :no_mouth:


This is total rubbish, we made a few changes to team before the treasure hunt phase started and now one of our top performing players is in-eligible.

This player has received the exact same response as QueenRage above, if changes were made when Treasure Hunt had started i would agree but these changes were made beforehand.

It’s not acceptable and to then get the copy paste drivel is insulting, i assume “The Team” doesn’t know how to fix this?


Isn’t the most obvious solution for PG to not give team quests to the new guy in the first place? That’s the person that should be affected by changing teams. The team members that have been on the team shouldn’t have their eligibility jeopardized by the new guy. Team leadership should be able to make roster changes without the worry that they’re screwing over current members. They can explain how it happened, but the fact that they know how doesn’t make it right. The fact that they have an explanation and have a team “looking into it” means they know they’re wrong. So, now it’s time for them to open their digital wallets and deal out the rubies, egg tokens, and sigils they’ve stolen from legitimate team members.