Ineligible without switching?


For the third pvp event in a row, and now 4th event in last 5 weeks, we have a team member who is ineligible to compete, but yet has always been with our team, never left, never switched, and yet AGAIN the only response that PG give us is to say ‘he switched teams too late or he was the 51st player to score”.
Doesn’t matter how many times we tell them- but the player is ineligible AND THE SCORING HAS NOT STARTED YET!!! They just don’t listen, refuse to acknowledge this is an issue and treat us like we are morons, when in fact whoever is answering the emails neither reads what we say nor actually pays attention to what we describe and the timing in which we send it.

Getting f****g ridiculous, and ‘help’ and support is a joke.


We are working to figure out why this keeps happening to players. We agree this is a really frustrating experience.


I really hope you can track down the issue. This hasn’t happened to me yet, but I know I would share the sense of extreme frustration if it did.


Yeah thats a funny way to answer a customer (player). I remember one answer from support saying “just continue to play the game” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: epic


Happened to my team as well sent a ticket no response I have 3 teammates who can’t hit either and the have been with team since before I even showed up 4 months ago


Why is anyone surprised? It seems supports first response is blame the player pretty much always… or at the least they put the onus on the player


Frustrating is an understatement. Being ineligible to participate in this event puts me behind for next event, which will likely be breeding. I’m not earning egg tokens that come with prizes or earning the rubies to open gold chests. So, it puts me behind on my breeding path. I can’t earn sigils, which puts me behind on my season branches. Sure, every 24 hours I can buy sigils now, but I prefer to make that decision myself, not because I’m being prevented from earning them the way that everyone else can.


This must be addressed? event participation is too big an issue to be based to a large extent on what is basically geographical location/time zone.


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