Inflict Damage Missions—is there any way to avoid them?

This was mentioned in my other token mission thread but I thought it might deserve a seperate topic.
I grind for egg tokens frequently now that I know how to do them a bit more effeciently. Store combat towers, have one dragon in your roster, have those helpful bases, etc.
I don’t have a level 1 Ember. The rest of my early Death Gazers are experted (Bolt). I’m okay with that, I guess—I use Draco instead. Only thing is: those “inflict x damage with Draco” missions are a real pain in my side. I can forge equippable Death Gazes but it puts a hinder in forging potions and I still go through 'em fast.
So my (probably futile) question is: Is there any way to avoid these? If not, how can I make them a little easier?
Thank you :t_rex:

Until they give us a way to store farms and have a single red mage out on our base the RSS and damage dealing missions are going to scale with our farm levels as a minimum unfortunately.

I really haven’t found a way around it besides using a consumable desth gaze on high level farms

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I didn’t know that’s how they were scaled :open_mouth: Ya learn somethin new every day.
But yeah, no way to store farms… Thank you for the response :+1:
For now I’ve used MissionBase—I can get through the first three (and a half-ish) segments of five towers for about 130k damage per run. Still takes a while esp. when the mission is 1mil+.
Is there any base with low level towers that won’t damage Draco as much and that I can get through for a decent amount of damage? Decent as in more than what I can manage I guess lol

Not directly scaled based off farm levels but scaled based on base health which right now is a minimum of whatever HP we have in our farms

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Apparently using a reverse projectiles consumable also works if you didn’t want to equip a death gaze. It’s 8 hours of forging time vs 10 hours for death gaze.

For doing damage on the mission bases? Hmm, I’ll give that a try! Thank you :grin: :t_rex:

I’d pick a base like Freexp280 to use it on :laughing: Edit: normal egg mission bases (with the bunch of low level towers for those kill x amount of towers missions) won’t do you much good when you need to deal a bunch of damage.

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I tried it and it worked! Wish the towers wouldn’t one-shot me though :joy: Thank you again :t_rex:

If you time the reverse projectiles just right and swap before the spell ends, you’ll get through without being killed :slightly_smiling_face:

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