Infrastructure changes

Ok so whatever you think about this change, what I find that is stupid is that passage, full strength enfeeble, castles are able to bubble while infrastructure is disabled? How lame.

If you lose the bonuses of the castle htf do you still have level 12 enfeeble? That’s just stupidity


Probably cause this is such a small and meaningless change to a vision less world of atlas we all struggle to find glory in. Castles, the map, the core objectives all should be rethought for a better atlas 2.0. We’ve been on atlas 1.a million back and forth small changes.

Where I don’t disagree with most of your statement nak. Where is the a shortage of glory. ? Atlas has always had an abundance of glory.


Yup just cancel the endless lists of no-hit agreements and go independant, there’s more than enough glory to find. I mean this in general, not to someone specific.


I agree with this, if the infrastructure is disabled - everything should be disabled, it can’t just be some of it. This must be an oversight.

Agreed whilst many people will disagree with the changes they seem to have implemented a weird half measure where you can enfeeble without infra. @DragonPunch can you pass this to the


I was referring more to the glory of conquest and fun than glory gained by sniping, swapping, guards. We gain “glory” for accomplishing nothing. Which is fine but could always be better. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Should lose castle marshal as well

Can you explain why you think castles shouldn’t be allowed to bubble in this case? Bubbling is a way to reduce the 24/7 nature of this game, and preventing it’s use seems a bit silly.

I agree it’s certainly inconsistent, but there are a few valid cases where I think a team should still have access to enfeeble. For example, if a small team conquers a castle from an inactive team of high level players how can they clear that level 700 who is parked on the castle without enfeeble? They can’t hire guards until they’ve been cleared.

If you are concerned about enfeeble just don’t hit castles on your own :man_shrugging:

Should lose:

Fort buffs
Bank space
Other bonuses
Shield option

As far as I can work out the only thing on the list they have actually done is the delay.

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Delay :white_check_mark:
Fort buffs **
Bank space :white_check_mark:
Other bonuses :white_check_mark:
Shield option

**Fort buffs weren’t active over the weekend. Not sure why they are back now.

Personally I think it would be stupid to remove enfeeble and shield/bubbling.

Edit: added marshall to the list.

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Whole thing is to have guards on the castle if you have enough and infrastructure is in place then you can bubble, if you have no guards why should you be able to bubble?

Like arguably if a team is warring a castle and has battled it down to no infrastructure, they should get the benefits of the castle team losing all benefits of the castle, you may say burden of play but all you need to do is walk away from the castle and no burden of play anymore.

I think if you want to take the bonuses of a castle away it should be all of them, and not pick and choose which ones

The intent of the latest changes was to force teams to have more guards on castles if they want to get infra bonuses.

Your suggested changes heavily penalise teams who temporarily have less than max guards. For example when they are being attacked, or when they’ve just conquered a castle.

With your changes:

  • If you conquer a castle, you now have to clear all enemies so you can hire guards before you can bubble.
  • To ensure your T4 castle will bubble you would now need to hire 470k guards (you can only hire 480k a day)

That may have been the intent but the result seems to be people quitting the game in droves. Can’t say we didn’t try to warn you.


Arguably the castle under siege would be forced to only fight with its ta once infrastructure is disable and then couldn’t bubble until it pulls up its guards again, if it’s lost then the attacker has the same deal as the team that they were hitting does until the castle is clear, I think that’s quite fair, both teams go through the same thing if the guards aren’t there and can’t bubble.

Tbh the solution really is easy to prevent this as the castle under siege, protect your guards with troops and don’t let the guards get so low lol.

Though I see more benefit in the castle losing all benefits when under infrastructure for an attacking team then not, once they have conquered the castle arguably the 5ta can’t get back to the castle.

Again though if you want guards on a castle for benefits it should be for all benefits owning a castle provides not just a select few or don’t do the change at all

I agree that bubbling should still happen cos there’s always the cooldown to get through. No bubble means its like the castle is in permanent cooldown and I dont think thats good for the game

No-one is suggesting removing bubbling as a feature. Just that it should only be available when infra is enabled. Not least because it’s possible to use your bubble while under the threshold and then pop your guards back up to get the benefits

I don’t see where this is a problem. It seems fair for teams to be able to take a bubble and recover from a conquer attempt or lots of snipes.

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Nobody is saying they can’t do that. What I’m saying is if you keep your guards at 10k above the infra threshold and get waved why should you be allowed to immediately bubble. This isn’t the scenario you’re trying to protect. Say you have a T4 being hit and you lose 500k of your 1M guards turn bubble on and bubble before you lose infra.

Or coming from another perspective. You’ve been hit call in all the friends you have to make sure you don’t lose the castle. You should be allowed to bubble so you can co-ordinate moving friendly prims off setting up a wave to clear hostiles all at a time of your choosing? Is that fair to the attacking team?

Maybe I misunderstand some of your points as English isnt the language I speak. If a team chooses to keep guards 10k above the threshold and they take a bubble when they’ve gone under it, then the penalty is they loose their bonuses. I don’t see why this should mean they can’t protect their castles from being conquered by taking a bubble. If you want to conquer this castle, you have to wait for the cooldown. That’s how its always been.

On your other perspective, I assume you mean calling your 5ta to help protect. If not, we’re getting to a bigger problem than empty castles but let’s not go there. The attacking enemy doesn’t have to stay parked on the bubbled castle. They are free to move off and come back during cooldown at a time of their choosing. I hope this makes sense or maybe we just disagree.

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