Infrastructure from storage broken?

We recently took over a few castles and wanted to put up our infrastructure from storage. When we took over the continent, we were not given the option to use Basic Infrastructure or use infrastructure from storage. It just automatically did the basic storage. I first, “Well maybe our stored infrastructure is gone.” I looked and it’s still there. So I thought “Maybe an officer hit the wrong button.” So I decided to take another castle on the same continent. I hit the Conquer button myself and it also did not give me the option to use the stored infrastructure.

Is there an issue that you are aware of? We would like to put that infrastructure in. My support request number is 993712. Thanks.


Very weird. We have the option to replace existing infrastructures with stored ones even after non-officer claims it
On the side note, if you go to the HQ tab, it should have a button saying stored infrastructures

I can see it in there. Just doesn’t let us do anything with it when we take a new continent.

Let me show you when I get back home

There should be another button that says “Set up Infrastructure from Storage” underneath “View Storage”. Let us know if you don’t see this option!

I do not see that option. This is what I see and it won’t let me scroll down.

I’m on an Android device. Galaxy S7.

I had an officer with iOS see what he could do as governor. He was able to. Huh

Thanks for the followup. I vaguely recall there being some reports of Infrastructure menu scrolling issues recently. I’ll check up on it to make sure it’s on our to-do list for one of our next updates.

I can see it on Android too.

First thing to check first, are you an officer or leader of team :joy:

I’m the leader.

So maybe the scrolling issue. Have you tried logging on with different device?

@BAshtonXxX It appears that the button is definitely there on our end. Could you try dragging the area with the three visible buttons upward to see if you can find the “Set up Infrastructure from Storage” button underneath? Let us know if it “snaps” back to hiding the button, as this was a bug that we saw affecting some other devices recently.

@PGEggToken It snaps back.

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