Infrastructure rollback injustice

When infrastructure on none t6 castles was able to be levelled past the intended level of 12, it was raised here on the forums as an issue. Official response at the time was that it was fine and would remain that way (there may have been a caveat of monitoring the change).

Refund of gold only to leaders is not fair on the players that contributed gold for these upgrades. Together with the gold only going to 1 member of the team, there is no mention of the diamonds/timers spent to get these upgrades. Diamonds spent by players to speed up the infrastructure upgrades form a significant portion of the cost of the upgrades.

There is probably no decent way of figuring out who spent what on upgrades, but I’d like to suggest that these refunds are done in a way that is more fair on those that invested resources (evenly through the team isn’t exactly fair, but it is closer than giving it to only the leader).


That let me fix this for you…

This is absolute BULL EXCRIMENT

There much better


Can anyone find a link to that? I must have missed it.

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If you dont trust ur team leader then that’s a bigger issue :joy:


The fact that they are only doing something about this now is irritating! I wasted gold and timers on infrastructure upgrades that I could have used on something else! Why did they let it go for so long if it wasn’t intended? And why didn’t they block further upgrading?


I agree. I’ve given millions to more than 1 team to upgrade. I’m getting nothing back for it.


What will happen to constructions that are still in progress ? Will those be refunded?


Haha I’m fine with the gold packs, but what about the timers? Imo that’s a bigger cost so load me up with timers as well


In my case, I bought elite atlas for months and for a long time I sent millions and millions of gold to the bank without keeping anything for myself, to improve the infrastructure. And it is unfair that now only the leader receives the packages. before spending I sent a ticket asking if it was correct and they told me yes


The gold refunded is nice. But I agree that the diamonds/timers spent by team members to expedite upgrades is just as valuable, if not more valuable. How is PG going to account for those costs?


Yes, I remember that this was said to be ok to do. My team has spent tons of timers and diamonds working together to increase the teams infra. There has to be a way to compensate the players who donated timers and diamonds. As leader, I know I will cash in the gold packs given to me and use it to help the team. It our BIGGEST a concern is those timers used on 60-90 day builds! PG must compensate for those as well!


Oops… please forgive me! I wrote from wrong player. This is the account with the team that SPENT TONS of go,d and timers and diamonds. I am an addicted player like most here and still love the game with all its glitches. But it’s getting harder and harder to say that. As leader, I give all for my team and I will spend the gold packs as the team sees fit… like to give gold for prim upgrades that people forebode to help the team get more from the infra. It’s just Pure BS that it was ok and now suddenly it’s not. We spent gold to get more gold and perks. We used timers to get it moving. We’d ask everyone to pitch in a few days worth and some just used a ton and finished those 90 day builds. There must be a way for PG to figure that out as well as the amounts of gold! I urge PG to find an equitable solution to help their dedicated Player Base!


In all honesty they should compensate with freebies regardless of if it’s not fair to get free stuff all the time because this was their mistake they need to make up for it.

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I did the same thing and was told the same, this this was an intended change for all with the drop of NewLands.

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Regarding the Atlas rollback being done tomorrow on tower levels above level 12 on level 2-5 castles…It’s great you guys are refunding the gold that was spent, but what about timers that were spent to speed up those infrastructure upgrades? And our defenses have now been arranged to accommodate being able to use more of an enfeeble against enemies…it’s not really fair that we planned our defenses around the higher level towers and now you guys are just going to take that away. We took on more castles because being able to take our defenses to a higher level allowed us to do so. This change was done almost 6 months ago and you guys are just NOW deciding to change it back? This change is not really fair to the players and decisions like this is what make people quit the game.


I am truly starting to believe they don’t care. For a while I assumed it was just corporate disconnect. They know they are alienating their own customers and still do this stuff.


You can’t put an egg back in its shell after it’s cracked.

This is impossible to roll back fairly or equitably or take into account the strategic decisions made as a consequence of its availability.

No word on what happens to the infra in progress. (We have several). Do we throw more good money after bad to speed them up to completion just so the leader can receive gold packs.

How is the amount of gold packs provided to be audited ??

Where is the transparency?

I am also usually leader of my team but asked an officer to take on the role for a week whilst I dealt with a family matter. So now I either need to take back the leadership or have the temporary leader get the gold ?

These are just some of the issues but I’m sure there are many others with their own unique issues.

Im still shaking my head at the short sightedness and borderline incompetence of both the decision and the communication.


I wish I could like your reply more than once.

And why are they not taking into account that people reached out to PG and contacted them to make sure this was an intended change? Only to be told, “yep! Infra now can lvl to 15 for HQ, banks, and towers”. There are obvious records that PG apparently flippin ignored for 6 months plus.


Yeah this is ridiculous. The fact that they told people it was fine and then waited all this time until now to say OH no wait, ha ha we made a mistake and have to fix it now.
They had soooo much time to correct this mistake. Six months?? Like seriously? How many people held off upgrading prims and stuff to help upgrading infrastructure. And now they find out it was a HUGE waste of time and rss?


What is wrong is they decided to not fix it at the time, and basically say it’s fine and then decide like you said 6 months later it’s not, total bs.

But again it’s what pg always does, if a dragon is op they seem to down it 3-6 months after it’s release