Infrastructure Swapping

Today I posed this question to the help desk:
Infrastructure Question
A while back I accidentally deleted a stored infrastructure. I want to avoid this mistake again - we currently have a fully upgraded infra in storage. We have a castle that has mostly upgraded infra (MoonRiver). I want to swap them without losing either. I want to store the infra on MoonRiver and swap it for the fully upgraded one in storage. Is there a way to do this? I searched the forums and could not find any answers. Your help/advice would be very appreciated!

This is the response I got:
Hello Jaenu,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m Jo, and I will be assisting you with your infrastructure inquiry.

Regarding your inquiry, for this you can surrender the castle to your alliance and then conquer it back after leaving the alliance before joining again. The other team will lose gold once your team conquers the castle back of course, so you may have to inquire with the alliance team about this.

Other option would be to not pay the upkeep and have Gustav take over and then your team conquer the castle back afterward. But as we advised earlier, the safest option would be the surrender and conquer with an alliance team as long as your team returns the gold that your team steals from the alliance team.

To me, none of these options are a reasonable way to simply swap infra. I’d basically either have to risk a takeover (option B). Or try option A which is safer, but involves so much back and forth with alliances. (I’ve done this for a nearly-failed castle transfer…it’s tedious and not fun at all).

I’m asking The PG developers/coding team to create a basic mechanism for storing and swapping infrastructure. This would be helpful for when a team builds up and infra, sells (or loses) a castle, and then wants to trade a fully-developed infra for an incomplete one without losing the time and resources they put into building the undeveloped one.

In order to do that you’d have to surrender the castle and get it back later, it let an ally take it and then reconquer it to reset the infra. You don’t lose levels this way

This is overly complicated. That’s why I’m asking PG to give us a “swap infra” option.


i thought surrender / conquer was an “exploit” now? :thinking: confused

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It still happens and nothing is done about it, So😂

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U telling others to use exploits PG told us they ban for :thinking:

Which is exactly what the tech person told me to do… if this is “illegal” then someone needs to catch them up on the laws…

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Unless I really don’t like someone, I won’t suggest for them to get banned.
As it stands, you have to lose the castle and then get it back to store/replace infra

Well PG said the surrender/conquer thing was an exploit when used to avoid a cooldown. But clearly support says you can do it to swap infrastructure sets so looks perfectly fine to me :blush:

Oh, I see… infrastructure set swapping is A-OK… got it :white_check_mark: