inGame chat API


Hi PG Team and WD players! I am full-stack javascript developer and i just thinking about in-game chat sync with external services like telegram, whatsup, slack and many others.

Why we need it?

Each team who want to be active and promoted up, use different services which make team communication better. But if we got in game chat API, that will be a revolution in team communication integration, because you external service can be syncronized with game chat. That mean the programmers like me, who play in war dragons, we will writing the bots for game chat we will have possibility for use commands like “/w [Name] [Message]” if we would like to send message to external messengers for example, any many other features will be availabe if PG team provide API for game chat integrations. It realy usefull for clanholders (team owners mean), because bot can accumulate player online statistic and other.

Dear community and PG administration please give yours feedback.


I actually like the idea because teams may enable bots that keep track of name changes, applications to other teams (discussed in another post), etc. Also, more notifications are always nice to have. I’ve seen various posts on more statistics…
Well this is PG


I disagree - I enjoy using other chat services so that everything that is said isn’t watched by PG :woman_shrugging:t2:


The main reason teams do it is to have a either off topic conversation or to not be monitored by PG. Anything in team or league chat PG can see so if you and your team want to have a conversation with “adult language” then PG is not very happy if you do it in the leave or team chat so more than likely you would play it safe and use a different app.


I’m pretty sure the main reason people do it is because they want to communicate to someone or many people who are out of game? The @ command did make things easier to do that I guess.


I mean, if we will have a special token for war dragons team chat for each team, we can extend team chat functional and add usefull things like @ in game chat. For example potential commands provided by bots:

  1. /checkin - hold you online time (check you visit in game for team officers statistics)
  2. /regme 23:00 - you will be registered at 23:00 in war defense schedule
  3. /reglist
    Example output:
    00:00 | Nickname1, Nickname2
    01:00 | Nickname3, someOtherNickname
    23:00 YouNickName

i am talking about. That because i am oldschool player i seen this features in a lot of online games like WOW or battlenet game.

As i see this : Each team chat should have readonly field in settings called : “chat-token” : “SADS213ASXSD123ASKAJHSDGASJD78126312ASDD”. By this token (it is private and visible only for chat or team owner) you may have access for two way text message sending and game chat message parsing.


I’ve been internally advocating for a war dragons API, including enough to build chatbots for your team chat and chat APIs more generally… it’s not currently slated with any delivery date. it’s something which could open up a lot of problems if it’s not implemented properly… and unclear how broadly it would be used.


Yes please - WD API - what kind of data would you be exposing with this?


I agree, but i think it may be released partially, step by step. In general full API release will initiating ruby trading web platforms and other and this one raises many questions… Because that, we need to release API features partially, and the best 1st part is text messaging API, nice stuff for servers and performance testing i guess.

If it will possibly, i would like to join to the beta test :slight_smile:


This sounds like a really useful thing to have! Love the idea :+1:


I like the API idea as well. I would like to see one for the breeding and dragon owned portion of the game. A secondary app could then allow players to track their dragons and breeding plans with less data input from them.

I like the chat API as well, sometimes I just want to check in on team chat during a break and do the have time to do a full load of the game.


If I want to see you people I will open the app. Thanks but no thanks.


Pretty sure nobody would be forcing you to use it if you didn’t want to.


Only thing I am pretty sure of is nothing has been built yet. I was responding to this by the way: