Ingame translate option, yes, again

Yes, I’m bringing this up, AGAIN, because every thread about it is closed and no longer allows replies and because I want to share my recent experience with it.

So I started a new team and we are working our way up through the leagues. We ended up in a league with another team whose members don’t speak English. They are ranking 1st in the current event and can’t understand why a level 200 keeps attacking them (levels 70 and below) instead of attacking another team that is ranked in the bottom 5 in the event but has players in the 200ish level range.

Because this game does not have any translate feature (or copy and paste from chat feature) I used another device and used google translate to have a conversation with their leader in LC. Up until that point, we had been trading insults and taking shots at each other in LC.

Low and behold, once he understood what was going on and that their level 30s offered over double the points of anyone else in the league, we got on quite well and had a decent conversation, albeit full of typos due to typing a foreign language using a US keyboard and all of the autocorrect errors that occur when trying to type a different language.

So cue the morons. Yes, morons. The rest of the players in the league who also don’t understand the language of the one team…who chose to instead of trying to figure out what was being said, google translate, duh, decide to start with the insults and epithets because they don’t understand what is being said. So I can choose to report said players, for really no reason at all, or I can do what I am doing now, and placing the blame at PGs feet for not having at least a copy and paste feature for chat so you can use an outside translator, such as google translate, much less an automatic ingame translator.

This is a GLOBAL game. Many different languages are spoken ingame. It hurts players by not understanding what is going on and/or being said by other players who don’t read/write English. Maybe it is high time that something is done about the lack of translation capability ingame…


This would be extremely helpful. Not only to understand conversations in LC, but it would make it so that you could accept people to your team that don’t speak your language. I mean it’s incredibly hard to coordinate a team effort when some members don’t understand what’s being said.

I think that’d it be pretty helpful, but sometimes the auto-translate on games ends up sparking tons of fights as well. Maybe more than the lack of an easy way to communicate…
I (personally) am ok with using google translate when we need to talk to other teams. And I don’t think that an auto-translate in WD is necessary

Totally agree. Also hate losing players because they cannot understand or participate in team chat. Why make team assignments completely random yet not give us a way to bridge the communication barrier - esp for the languages using a different keyboard. As a leader I have said many heartfelt goodbyes to wonderful players once they found a same language team thru LC.

I’d be happy with being able to copy and paste from within the game to a browser, but nope, can’t do that either :man_shrugging: Yet I can copy and paste from outside the game into the game…:man_facepalming:

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Absolutely and when sending invites, invites from English-speaking teams shouldn’t go to Arabic, Koreans, Italians, French. It gets way too crazy to translate it all when a simple additional query would resolve this matter.

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With iOS you can copy from mails, but not from chats.

Alleviates told me of an app where you can take a screenshot and the app will translate from the pic. It is called Scan&Translate. Works good but some slang is translated literally. :see_no_evil:


Thanks! Gave it a try, not very user friendly, but it seems to work decently. While it is a band aid, PG really should do something to enable us to do these types of things INGAME.

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I think both LC and TC could benafit from an auto translation. Some teammates English is not third first language and to have them see a chat or email in their own language would be great. When we set up the game it askes us what language. So why there is no intergraded tanstator?

It does the job. Another I use is Translate Pro 3.0. There is actually a decent one I have that just does Chinese, and it is called HanYou.

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I played Final Fantasy XI for years. The way that game handled translations is to have a list pretranslated words and phrases commonly used in the game that anyone can insert into a sentence through a pull down menu. If a Japanese player puts the word for Dragon in a sentence, I would see it in English if my language is set to English.

Something similar would be helpful in WarDragons.


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