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Habe heute den21.12mir erlaubt 10 Gold Truhen aufzumachen und dieses Mal was 5 Mal mißt drinnen ies ist zum erbrechen Kotzen darf man ja nicht sagen und die Winter Siegel sind von 300 auf 600 hoch gegangen super vielen Dank langsam macht es kein Spass mehr

People I have a question. What do Dragon Healing and Dragon Attack do so Epic Things in Gold Trusts? you pay for it. I also do not buy a car where wood wheels are then. They do not belong in there or what do you say?

Think it’s safe to say Google Translate didn’t do the best job here.

But I agree with the OP, however don’t know Deutsch.

Hey guys i have a question. What are doing the epic stuff like dragon healing and dragon attack stuff, inside gold chests?
We pay for it!?
I even dont buy a car which have wooden tires!?
What do you mean about?

I persononaly would translate this topic like this:
I found the 30% dragon attack and 30% dragon defense boost in some of the gold chest I‘ve opened.
I think stuff like this should not be in goldcheasts. From my sight there have to be more powerfull/rare thinks in goldcheast.

What do you think about it?

I suppose there’s a German expression in the middle of the message, but I get where he’s heading too.

He probably wonders why there are worthless prizes in expensive gold chests. The car comment is probably an expression meaning that you don’t buy something expensive that is not good quality either

Moin genau das meinte ich mit den Gold Truhen es gehört nicht da rein


Tausend mal schon angemahnt im alten Forum, PG gibt nen Fuck um das Forum hier.

Gold chests sind da um Einnahmen zu generieren.

Sind die zu gut kaufst nicht genug klar soweit? Somit wird Scheisse eingemischt, damit du mehr kaufen musst.

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Das ist nicht wahr, PG kümmert sich darum, was wir im Forum sagen. Wenn genug Leute Änderungen wollen, geschieht Veränderung. Es gibt immer Hoffnung.

(Translated through Google, I don’t speak German)

This is not true, PG care about what we say in the forum. If enough people want changes, change happens. There’s always hope.

Ok give me one and I mean ONE example where one post here changed the content of gold chests in the favor of the players.

Fact is they nerfed gold chest content since platinum dragons. See the old forums and you will cry what the content was back then and what it’s now.

This forum is to help newbies to understand the game or to discuss whether we like a new feature or dragon or not. It’s not having a voting right for PGs business plan and most here are employees who can’t decide anything which would touch revenues.

Trust me I was part of more proposals in the old forum than I can count lol.

100 great ideas one was implemented. That forum is occupational therapy plus you can get some shiny badges. :star_struck::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

In general I agree with you, but to be fair one recent example is the addition of Glyphs into runic chests

Here as one example

You do realize that this isn’t a gold chest also they contain broken not working runes and glyphs (ice, storm, fire).

Tony and I opened a thread MONTHS ago about this. Nothing happened. Others tagged it and brought it up. Still no solution.

As I said it’s a nice place to chat. That’s all.

Don’t forget that they are just a company trying to create and run games, they can only implement so many changes (that are not limited to gold chests), they cannot change the world or the whole game. I’m convinced that each idea given in the forum are interesting, but each also would take weeks of hard work to achieve. They have to make choices too that are compromises between our fun and their revenue. Which isn’t used to make the company creators wealthier but keep the game going and release more new stuff.

I am not privy about what happens in a company such as PG but as with everything there’s always more than meet the eye.

Exactly that’s how every business works in general.

When a car manufacturer presents a new model and it’s slower than the last year model consumes more gas and costs more money to afford they better come up with a transparent statement why the product came out like this.

Most likely ppl would accept this one time and if it would happen again they would choose another car brand next time.

Transparency is something you don’t see when it comes to PG they implement changes without even stating them in the update descriptions (most recently the beefing up of the towers past lv 35).

Other firms aren’t better when they need to be transparent towards their customers but their car to stay with my initial example would be faster, lower gas consumption and if even then the price would go up in reasonable terms with higher rss prices.

To translate this.

In green tier a top end dragon cost 27k tokens golds were 100k with breeding pairs 2 for one. Platinum cost 64k tokens. Egg tokens were like 5k as legendary drop back then. They reduced that step by step while dragons started to cost 125k-220k without a lot of 2 for one breeds.

Now we’re at what 3k as legendary drop?

How does that make sense in your world?

They opened the gate for pack sellers and cheaters and used their data to come to the conclusion

“Well too many reached end game content already we need to reduce prizes and drops).”

Why were those data used anyways? Where was the second review on this?

Why did we buy since lv 35 elemental towers which didn’t work (less damage) as intended?

I could continue all night long. No point to defend such a behavior.

The PG employees here are overall good ppl and the last to blame.

But this channel won’t reach the decision makers that’s all you have to know and it’s proven by years of experience not only by me. :man_shrugging:t2:

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