Inner Fire Bug Fifteen Characters

Three runs in a row I had to heal Necryx (equipped with Inner Fire) after using him with no towers alive on the base. After this, I healed Necryx outside of a raid, and he stayed healed after using him again with an Inner Fire.

I don’t know if this is normal, but whether or not you heal a dragon inside or outside of a raid, they should stay alive if they don’t take damage while Inner Fire is equipped.

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I’ve definitely run into this issue before but I think it’s always been with divine dragons for some strange reason 🤷

I know now to heal dragons before using them for inner fire follows, but doesn’t seem like it should be that way.

I don’t know the answer to this but I know I use Ettin and Ember constantly for IF usage and no issue. I have had issues with others which is why I use them as the go-to since I know they won’t need to heal. I do wonder if healing a dragon before using them for an IF matters, though? Can’t remember feels like years since the last pvp event lol

Ok…now an already healed Necryx stayed dead after using Inner Fire and taking no damage. Time to take him off IF backup.


^and one more time (repetition check).

Edit: Leading with Borgian. Finishing with Abraxxas. Abraxxas stays healed after every run. Just tried a run with Nydryr replacing Necryx. Both Nyrdryr and Abraxxas stayed healed after that one.

Necryx has Grogg as his rider.

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