Inner Fire did not heal undamage dragon

Does anyone have a problem of using IF and your dragons didn’t not heals?
Usually dragon using IF without damage heals right away. Mine did not. I still using healing portions for my dragons

If your dragon didn’t have an HP boost consumable, add one
If your dragon did have an HP consumable, remove it


Use a different dragon.
Some would and some wouldn’t.
But in my case, if I find one that doesn’t, I swap it for a different dragon.

It started happening to me last pvp event most times I use inner fire and have to use health potion to revive my dragons even if I didn’t get any damage done to it.
And on rare occasion it dont need to revive

Yeah some dragons don’t work, I have no idea why. It’s not even the same dragons between players necessarily.

I’m going to try mech’s suggestion the next time I see it. Can’t say I’ve ever toggled the boosts on or off before when I had the issue


I’ve posted this like 10 times before. I believe PG has a rounding error on HP for this end of run comparison. The HP consumable seems to move it from non synced to synced


Toggling the boosts works for all of my dragons except Hau. That one has never insta-healed regardless, so I’ve come to accept that she feels too good to take part in killing a base for PvP.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: A rare case…
Try a rider…
Or if possible, have some experiment with rare Hunter HP


Or just use different dragons for your stacking needs :yum:

I wouldn’t consider replacing one of his precious rage runes just to get free heals :fearful:


FTFY :upside_down_face:


Every pvp it seems to be totally random which ones wont heal and it seems to be different for everyone. This week I know that my Rajin and Dreth dont heal, though luckly Dreth doest need it anyway. Last pvp Rajin healed just fine. It’s like spinning a roulette wheel for every dragon you have and anyone that lands on green doesnt get it for that event

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Try @mechengg fix
It seemed to do the job for me.
Just toggle boosts on and off👌
Like that wireless router thing😂

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I’ve tried it, didnt work for either of them

We’ve been reporting this forever now.

Still not sure it made it in bugs list to be fixed, but look out, they’re fixing Ryuu :see_no_evil:


And causing 17 other bugs in the process :joy:

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