Inner fire in Gold chest


With as many inner fires as it takes these days for PvP event why can’t they be in gold chest during any event ? I mean dear Lord I see so many black pearls can only use so many.


They are in gold chests during PvP events, but it also seems they are hard to get. I agree, it takes a ton of inner fire to get a decent score in PvP events now that the bonus bar is gone. There has been too many instances where I’ve opened 10 gold chests and mostly get building materials but 0 inner fires. It would be nice if they increased the drop rate or the number of them per drop.


Just save bronze and gold chests for the war events. Once event has started - open those hundreds of bronze, and necessary amount of gold, by 10 at a time. Problem solved :slight_smile:


Wow, what an amazing idea, I never thought of that. That totally solves the problem of opening 20 gold chests and getting 6 inner fire. Or opening 100 bronze chests and getting 5 inner fire (if you’re lucky). Smh.


Increasing drop rate during war events looks good. Dropping fire out of event - looks unnecessary, at least for me.


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