Inner fire no longer keeping dragon awake

In the past if a dragon using inner fire did not get damaged they would not need rest or a healing potion to go again. That seems to have changed. Did I miss an announcement about this? Or is it an oversight? Anyone else having this issue?

Inner fire heal seems to work on some dragons but not others. And which dragons seems to differ between accounts sometimes from what I can tell


File ticket, mine is fine. No heals need if left undamaged equipped with IF

I don’t think that I’ve ever noticed this happening. It’s a completely new concept to me.

Just did a run with a sapphire and got a 42m heal time. :man_shrugging:

Mine works fine.

Just keep in mind that if the dragon takes even ONE hp of damage, you’ll have to wait the full heal time… Are you sure that this isn’t happening? Or were you talking about switching in a dragon at the very end of the run for more points?

I can equip IF on Rhyo and never have to use heals for any of the Gustav islands.

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This is bizarre glitch. I have had it with several dragons.

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Like the last pvp I mentioned this happens only on certain dragons for me. Like Hau (still) and others that I can’t remember. Just farms left and sometimes not even farms left he has to heal even after being following dragon with inner fire. Others reportedly have no issue with Hau so not sure the issue. I am on Android for what that’s worth

See and it doesn’t happen on my hau but I’ve definitely had this issue in many previous pvp I sent a ticket once they said the no heal time wasn’t applicable for that event… which was just flat wrong they’re just clueless

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Kill everything 1st then switch… I noticed if the farms get a heal off, then dragons have to rest… weird.

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Once you switched to dragon with IF, just switch immediately, without attacks or anything. Works for me. Looks like even farm supershot sometimes causing a sleep.

The dragon that always slept for me was Sekoronos. Even if it was just base left - dang, and 33 minutes.

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First dragon of mine has heal the rest do not so ur fine lol

:thinking: Aster and Morphos have heal times…with IF…

@Arelyna @PGJared

2 + 2 isn’t = 4 here

Some dragons get a 0 heal time yet some do?

Need I remind everyone that some players PAY for Inner Fires? That’s money, for a product, that isn’t delivering as it is intended to.

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Works fine on Drakius.

Worked fine on Necryx and Borgian, but not on Aster and Morphos. I think ZenDesk needs an updated rule book, as does the ingame rules, to reflect what Inner Fires are SUPPOSED to do. If they’re not supposed to give a 0 heal time, then it needs to be across the board uniform. Just saying.

F****ng Speechless

Works on Sekhem.