Inner fire no longer keeping dragon awake


Don’t tell support, apparently they’re NOT supposed to work :roll_eyes:

I’d love to know which development team, for what game they are talking to…just saying.


This is the only pvp in a while I haven’t had any issues ALL of my dragons 0 heal time … that’s the same response I got when I put my ticket in months ago


I got a similar response months ago as well.

Posted the ticket here, @pgjared confirmed there should be 0 heal times for any event using Inner Fires,…

Yet here we are…again.


I looked in rules and it doesn’t SAY 0 heal times but nowhere have they ever said they were removing that feature …funny now all my dragons w if need heal time… sneaky sneaky and really bad business


Doesn’t work with any dragons in my roster anymore
Need to use HP points even for Gustav islands,which is super annoying


None of the dragons I have used heal from IF, even when the home base is all that remains… I’m having to use potions every time.

Very frustrating.


I wonder if this is a player specific problem… so far my dragons work just fine with it.


Hi all! I am sorry for all the confusion surrounding inner fires. We are looking into what seems to be happening with inner fires when equipped to different dragons.


Thank you.


Thanks all for the discussion. Looking forward to the result.


I’m guessing we will find out…after the event ends :man_shrugging:



  • We won’t find out until after event ends
  • We will never find out
  • The code for Inner Fires is too complicated, we don’t know why it isn’t working

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Jonesy, Arelyna and the team are looking into these issues now. Putting it to a vote is only inciting negativity, so I am closing it down. Most of the team was out of the office for the past two days because it was the weekend, and we don’t work on the weekends. Arelyna will get back to you as soon as she hears anything further from the team, now that we have returned to start the work week.



Question then.


You would think, after playing for over a year, I’d be used to events being broken until long after they are over, for multiple repeats as well. Anyway, thanks. It’d be nice to get them fixed for a future event I guess.


Honestly this isn’t the big thing thats broken with the event.

The big thing in this event is that your Team VP on the battle page does not match the Team VP on the ranking page. Battle page included any VP earned from islands minus Stolen from your opponents. Ranking page only includes earned VP and completely dismisses stolen VP, and this is what determines your team rank against other teams…

Your stolen VP is also a function of the VP on your private battle page so that no other teams can accurately gauge how much VP they are going to steal from you.

Why don’t we get this working as a slightly higher priority then a few healing potions here or there (that you could be using red tier dragons for)


Yeah, that’s great and all, but that’s not taking items that a lot of players have paid money for and taken away a portion of their worth. Still grounds for a refund most likely :man_shrugging:

Of course, since it’s “not in the rules” PG is covered, but it goes directly against how we have been told Inner Fires work, repeatedly.


It has never kept Drakius awake for me in any pvp event and it doesn’t seem to be doing it for Nollaig. Support told me it doesn’t work for any dragons this event even though it has been all event long.


It is inconsistent not really sure what triggers it. My drakius worked fine but tarand glitched out. I wound up just equipping inner fire on me lvl 1 ember instead of drak.


Worked right all event for me on all my dragons. You must be doing it wrong. :woman_shrugging:


Yup, that’s it, I equipped it wrong :wink: