Inner fire no longer keeping dragon awake


So, here’s the deal with Inner Fires and healing. Inner Fire removes the post-battle healing cooldown only if your dragon took absolutely zero damage. This means:

Never took a hit
Never used an ability that hurts or kills the dragon

This doesn’t mean:

Took damage but healed (healing is not negating damage)
Was killed but came back (you definitely took damage)

If you correctly meet the criteria (you used inner fire and never took any hits / damage) but still had a post-battle healing timer, please send in a ticket with the date / time of the attack as well as who you attacked and the dragon(s) you used.


Seriously? We were supposed to keep a log?

Edit, my ticket number is up there somewhere.


I’ll keep a log next time sure didn’t do it this event


This is to help us determine if there really is an issue with Inner Fire right now. If you don’t want to help, that’s fine. You don’t have to. We can’t go back and check every single attack a player did though, as that would use up far too many PX resources.

This is more of a “if this happens to you submit a ticket” and less “go back through every attack you ever did”.


But I’ve already done that and got told to bugger off, TWICE now.

Edit, and to determine if there really is an issue with IF right now?

Well right NOW, there isn’t, cause as predicted, the event is over.

Jared, love you dude, but I give up.


No, you haven’t been told that. I’m looking at your ticket now and nowhere do you state when you made the attack. Just that it’s happened in the past. Seriously, if you can give us a date and even a rough time when you made the attack we can try to dig into it, but there’s no way we can pull every attack you made during an event and then see if the IF worked properly. We want to get to the bottom of this and make sure things are working correctly for you and other players, but what you’re doing here isn’t helping.

In the next event with Inner Fires, if we can determine a bug exists, we will happily issue a credit of some Inner Fires to people who participated.


You’re right, I wasn’t told to bugger off. I was told that it wasn’t in the rules so there was not supposed to be a 0 heal time. This HAS happened during the last two Gauntlets, where I’ve submitted a ticket and was told the EXACT same thing.

Sorry, I didn’t keep a log, but I did provide the dragons used that were affected.

If I had to guess, I’d say it was within an hour of me creating that ticket.

Point is, this is not the first time, nor the 2nd, that Inner Fires not working properly has been brought up either on the forums or via tickets (multiple tickets from the sounds of it, and not just from me).

Sorry, guess I can’t give you what you want. If you want to turn the event back on, throw me some Inner Fires, I’m sure I can make it happen though.


Maybe clue the support guys in as they just say inner fire no longer work that way … next event I will keep track no way I can remember now


This isn’t a new bug - I raised a ticket back in December when I encountered the same problem. #457283 was my ticket. I’ve observed this behaviour in every PvP event since.

You can clear the base with your first dragon, and then rotate two more through, and find one gets no heal time and the other doesn’t. It seems to be consistently the same dragons that IF doesn’t work for, regardless of whether they’re the second or third dragon used.


Seems really random. Last time round IIRC rizar didn’t work for me. This time round it did. :man_shrugging:


Next inner fire event i will see if i can log a time. It happens to dragons when ALL defense towers that can deal damage are dead. It is inconsistent in which dragons it happens too as well.


Option , do not putt any other boosts on youre drag ,
Noticed that oon estril. With boosts needed a potion , without boosts not …strange but true ,


Hi Sir,

I can agree with Jonesy that there IS a problem with inner fires and certain dragons for certain people. For me it’s using Hauheset just to clear farms. I didn’t put in a ticket since someone here said they didn’t have a problem with Hau and surmised that mine was somehow getting damaged by a farm / mill supershot (though never knew they did damage to a dragon).

Next event, that uses inners I will put in a ticket but it does happen, again only with certain dragons (for me at least).


how can you add a boost and still have room for an inner fire? I’m confused. Are you saying you did not have to heal your other dragons even though you didn’t put an inner fire on them? Why would you use additional dragons without inner fires? It certainly can’t help your score (I hope).



My guess, HP and/or attack?

This isn’t rocket science.


I don’t put HP and / or attack boost on subsequent dragons, why would I if they are just flying for inner fires? Hence my being perplexed. Hau’s crumble doesn’t need any boost to kill farms if they even exist when I fly him. Don’t think boosts matter for me. But I’m not a rocket surgeon.



Just curious - do you, guys, in PG, tried to play your own game? And everything is fine for all of you? Dragons never slept?

Also, you are asking players so many details on this… Do you have test team, who could try to reproduce this issue? Have they tried? It could be done by a developer as well. This issue appears during every event with inner fires. I can’t believe it is that hard to reproduce.


I have seen this bug as well. It seems to be dragon specific as I was able to reproduce it several times with the same dragons (I think Abraxxas was one of them). I would clear everything except the final island with the first dragon, then equip two dragons with IF afterwards, they definitely didn’t take any damage.

Now I always use dragons that I know get healed after using IF and taking no damage, so it hasn’t happened to me for a long time. I will try to reproduce the bug next time there is a PvP event that uses IF.


I took screenshots to show the issue we are having. 3 times in a row Necryx didn’t heal after using an Inner Fire and taking no damage, only the final main island was standing when I swapped to him. I then used Nydryr equipped with Inner Fire (a dragon I know it always works properly on). It appears to be dragon specific.


Yeah my hau has to heal and so does aibrean but others are fine… smh … luckily i have plenty of potions but not everyone does so this needs to be finally fixed since we now have visual proof