Inner fire still not keeping all dragons from needing to be healed

Ok last thread I know of on this topic is closed with no action ever taken… not only is my hauheset still screwy and needs to be healed with IF equipped but now 2 more (neptus and noctua) just today have started this nonsense … I KNOW I’m not the only one still having this problem…I’ve submitted a ticket but I hold 0 hope out for a cogent response

Works for me. You sure you aren’t taking ANY damage?

I’m sure nothing but main island usually and at most some farms… surprisingly support didn’t try and say if aren’t supposed to work that way anymore they said it’s a known issue they’re working on… but it’s been months very frustrating

This thread from 2 days ago

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Ugh I tried a search all that I found was the closed thread… thanks

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