Inner Fires and PVP event rules

So…I know that Inner Fires have pretty much ALWAYS granted a flat 100 points…so then why do the ingame rules state otherwise? (Again)

EDIT - I just verified, they are granting 100% and not 100 flat points :man_facepalming:

And why do some dragons with IF equipped, that take 0 damage, not have a 0 recovery time, but some do?

Inner fire gives you 100% of the base points of the base you attack.

If you attack for 120 points in event you get 120 points for each inner fire used in the same attack.

If you do a super attack you get your super attack + 120 points for each IF you use.

And so on. That’s how I always saw it anyway once I understood how IF worked. 100% of base attack is added. It works like percent related spells, it’s always calculated from the Dragon’s base stats regardless of the boosts you use on them.

About your second question I think some Dragons who consume health for spell or something are “bugged” but I’m sure I already read about it in the forum, you should try to make a search (no offense, it’s just an advice).

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That’s never been the case, as far as I can remember. They’ve always been a flat 100 points per IF.

Forgot about the few spells that use health. And I have searched, there is no rhyme or reason to the 0 recovery time, this event, as far as I can tell. One of my earlier threads, that is now closed due to 30 day rule, was from when 0 recovery time didn’t work on divines, specifically Morphos. It works on him now though, so I dunno.

Inner Fire varies by event in terms of a flat 100 vs 100%, as I remember it, at least, due to purposely saving IF on events that only gave a flat +100.

As for not healing, I remember running into a bug where it wasn’t properly resetting the cooldown on the Fall 2016 divines, but I haven’t run into it since then. I do tend to remember to have each dragon deal damage (leave a farm + leave base), though, as that was suggested by support back then. I don’t know if that still applies or was just entirely incorrect. :see_no_evil:

Edit 2: I found a screenshot from May 11 from Team Gauntlet.

Though this base started out with 100, so I wonder if it was just formatting leading to thinking that it was base +100 :thinking: this will bug me now :woman_facepalming:

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And now I feel stupid, they are granting 100% and not a flat 100 points. I sure wish IFs would behave the same way for EVERY PVP and no go back and forth from one way to the other…

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I’ve been playing about 5 months and it’s always been 100%, if it’s ever been a flat 100 in any of the events I’ve played I must not have done much in that event with IF to notice. I usually use them to reach specific goals I don’t have a hoard of them I can use 3 on every run with so usually I’m particular and paying close attention.

Only event I can remember where it wasn’t +100% points was an old version of team gauntlet. It was +100% HP destroyed and points were calculated from that via square root so the resulting points weren’t +100%

Hmm thats not true. In some events they do add +100 points.

This is easiest to see when running with super attacks, and using 1, then 2, then 3 inner fires.

Might be unique functionality of super attacks vs base attacks, as I never do base attacks.

FWIW: I believe the ones where it is 100 points rather than 100% are the ones with bonus meter (conquer the world being the only remaining)

Although I may remember incorrectly. I tend to recall evidence in poor documentation that they all started out at 100% and were changed at some point (introduction of bonus meter?)

Coincidentally I believe they changed at least one of the one that used to be 100 points to 100% (tug of war? The one with the raid button)

@forScience I still wonder why there are complicated calculations for some events and others where you only need to score 70% to get full points…

Regarding dragons, my Necura is now not getting the 0 time heal when used as a final dragon to kill the town with inner fire equipped. No spells used, no damage taken, just 1 shot to finish. He then has a 30 minute heal time. The other dragons I use for that all have 0 heal time.

Like I said, if it’s been flat 100 I must not have been using them to notice.

I think they took this (not needing healing potions when using IF) away as part of the mega coin rollout. It hasn’t worked for any of my dragons since that, and I’ve seen a few forum posts but never saw and answer from PG. It may be worth searching the forums to see if those threads went anywhere.

No, it works. It just glitches out for some dragons. I just finished a super attack run a few minutes ago and finished with Iteru with an inner fire equipped. (Only used him to kill the main base at the end). He’s ready to attack again and typically seems to have about a half hour heal time if he takes no damage.

Works for all my dragons. Probably a glitch either with some dragons or your game. I’ll try necura and get back to you.

It’s not working for Necryx or gargula for me, which just happened to be by 2nd and 3rd dragons.

It looks like it is just specific dragons, and PG did not comment in this thread.

For me, IF has 0 heal time on all dragons below Sapphire, but the 0 heal time does not work on my Sapphire Dragons. I hadn’t researched it, just thought maybe I hadn’t read the rules right and Platinum was the cut off point for the 0 heal time.

Like I posted higher, Iteru has a 0 second heal time for me, and he is sapphire tier.

I’ve encountered this problem with both Bolt and Munin - so it does affect lower tier dragons too.

Durga has a heal time with IF no damage