Inner Fires - How many to use

Been searching ages but can’t find the answer.

I know using 3 inner fires gives max flames on an attack but is there any benefit in using 5 inner flames (3 of mine + 2 backups)


You get more points. Other than that it doesn’t do anything.


Ok, thank you

I always donated when backing. I was told that if an attack was invalid (island killed or whatever) the attacker would actually get the inner fires back, which were used by backers. I don’t know if that was true or not, perhaps someone here knows?

It would sadden me if I wasted IF


It is true.


Definitely true and exciting when I get a bonus fire. :slight_smile:


For the most part inner fires are just stored points. (Events only, not really very useful outside of that)

You can get more value out of them by using them on bases worth more points and by ensuring you get 70%+. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I believe in some pvps certain buffs can increase their points as well. (From the top of my head I think different monuments on kingdom wars changed their output)

So because of that, you might find it’s best to use as many of them as you can when running with backup on bigger bases if solo you can’t hit bases worth as much.

As far as why you would want to use inner fires from teammates. In some scenarios you can put more points on faster by having folks join you and swap than if you had attacked more than once. Otherwise I think a lot of spenders end up with more of them than they can use, so they may try to maximize how many they can use at once since they are often energy limited in their consumption. When you have thousands of extras they are also handy to donate to teammates if you have the time to join their battles.


Inner fire = points equal to one normal run.
Use 3 (your own) to maximize your point while not burdening your teammate
Use 5 (+2 teammates) if your team prefers sharing.
Use 1 (as assist) to help a teammate

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OK, so if I do a regular run worth 100 points, I’ll get 400 points if using 3 x IF or 600 points if 5 x IFs are used right?
I think the same follows for Supers so if I hit a 400 point super I get 1600 points when using 3 x IF or 2400 points if 5 x IFs are used.

Is the same true on Megas? Can’t remember if I get 12k points for a 3k mega with 3 x IF or 18k points if 5 x IFs are used. Seems high.

Need to bold the normal part :laughing:.
If one normal run (4 energy) only worth 100 points, each IF will only give 100 additional points for any type of run (Normal, Super, Wild, and Mega). Thus, 3 IF are respectively 400, 700, 800, and 3300 points.

Haha, my calculation was way off!

That said, I’m nearly certain I was getting 1600 points on supers last weekend with 3 x IF

With gauntlet, one supers can get over 2k points with 3 IF :laughing:.
Assuming you hit the highest (Base 125).
One run (Gustav unlocked, PvP) gives
(1.15)x(125)x(2.10) = 302 (rounded)

Thus, one super with 3 IF gives 2,113 (due to rounding)

So that’s (302 x 4) + 302 + 302 + 302 - that makes sense.

Now, what are the 1.15 figure and the 2.10 figure in your calculation? :rofl::joy:

1.15 is winning multiplier
2.10 is island chain (you get more as more blackblood islands are unlocked.)

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Maybe in Saph or Diamond. In Plat, the island chain multiplier of the final island (“Gustav isle”) is exactly 2, not 2.1.

2.10 is island chain multiplier of PvP base after Gustav is unlocked (not the one from Gustav).

Oh, right. Sorry for the confusion.

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I’ve learned so much! Thank you for the explanations. Very helpful.

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Personally I try to use them in a balanced rato in relation to the ratio IF and packs are picked up from chests.

I try to balance that use with the biggest impact to helping the team win / steal vp from other teams and my personal points goals.
(Megas, stacked supers, etc)

*ratio Bronze chests = ~2:1 ratio IF : packs

I’m also a bit crazy about my chests, time utilization, opportunity costs… So I keep in mind chests/time, pvp rss spent/time to farm, etc

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