Inner fires in gold chests ( or lack of )!

I have really been unlucky lately when it comes to getting inner fires in chests! I spent £50 wort of rubies buying 10 gold chests at a time, and out of that £50 worth of chests, i got a total of 6 inner fires! I was wondering if anyone else is as unlucky as I am, and couldnt PG sell them, with a limited amount you can buy! I would be happy to be able to have a chance at getting some inner fires, even if the amount was limited, because I am really afraid to spend rubies for 10 gold chests, and find that I wasted my rubies with hopes of getting inner fires, and not get any at all! It does put a damper on my chance of getting decent points during an event, when I am getting minimum points and am going through energy chests like crazy!

See for yourself?

WOW! I wish I could get drops like that with that amount of sigils! I hardly ever get any sigils in gold chests, much less over 400 like that.

Well, I got plenty of them.
Spending them like crazy, and still have some leftover…:sweat_smile:

Great OrcaFrost! Glad for ya!:grinning:. Just wish they would spread the “wealth.”

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