Inner Fires STILL not working on some dragons

Since all the threads regarding Inner Fires not working have been closed, here is another.

Yes, Inner Fires are still not providing 0 heal time to some dragons if they don’t take any damage.

Yes, I submitted a ticket with the exact details of the attack and will continue to do so. Every. Event.

FYI, I got an almost instant response from support, that was not an auto reply :scream:
ZenDesk upping their game?


Same issue and I was shocked too support didn’t blow me off… refunded me some healing potions but still soooooooo frustrating

Just burned through 100 energy and not one of the dragons w/inner fire used after all the towers were destroyed stayed healed.

PG is too busy nerfing dragons, doing damage control, then offering an “I’m sorry we can’t do anything right the first time” fix to be bothered by things like inner fires and dragon healing not working right…

I have same issue with certain dragons put a ticket in they should at least refund healing potions…, they did for me last pvp

I can try I guess but last time I did that support just told me that using inners wasnt supposed to keep them from needing to be healed and that it that was only for a certain pvp event and closed my ticket :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Yeah I’ve had that too but now it’s a known issue

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