Innovative bonus boosts

The game needs to introduce some innovative ways for players to get bonus boosts to make it more rewarding and worth playing.

For example, instead of releasing same old offense and defense riders every Atlas season, why not riders that give increased % of gold when used in raids. A max level rider will give 25% or 50% more gold to what you get from a raid, with or without Atlas elite.

It could even be dragons with a specific gold bonus spell in place of their usual passive spell. That would allow players to use that specific dragon to get gold boost bonus.

The passive spell is mostly a wasted spell slot on almost all of the dragons. Don’t need to use that passive spell for increased dragon breath or increased damage. The dragons are automatically increased after each season anyway. Instead, the passive spell should be changed to “support spell”. That would open up for many options, even a whole new category of different support spells, like for example extra gold bonus boost, dragon deals increased damage, dragon receives less damage, increased rage refill, immunity to red mage towers, immunity to blue mage tower, etc…

If they really want, the “support spell” could even be changeable instead of predetermined with each dragon. That would allow players to make own decisions and offer more freedom. A good example of this set up can be found in another game called “Top War” in how they have the heroes components (skills) set up.

I’m hoping to get some support on this to build up enough attention from PG to consider this idea, so any feedback, thought, ideas or counter proposals from different perspective are all welcome and would be appreciated.


Ooh I’m looking forward do this if they introduce it!! A gold boost rider or passive spell on krelos would get me rich!! :joy:

Some great ideas though

I like the idea of a gold boost!

PLEASE sign me up for a gold boost and troop boost rider!

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Now that’s an awesome idea! :grin:

In theory they have already paved the way with this idea for easy implementation. Champion riders. Instead of trying to put older riders on par with newer ones, let them do something else. We already have that with kaela and her exp boost.
So fingers crossed for the future.

What a great idea! :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::slot_machine::slot_machine::slot_machine::slot_machine:

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