Inquisitor Portrait

What are the placement categorized for each portrait? I’ve been in this team the whole atlas event. I and most members got level 2 portrait and only some have the animated version? (They aren’t new to the team either) Isn’t supposed to be a team prize? Smh :woman_facepalming:t2:

Hmmm… I thought it was to replace Crom since he was a duplicate, which was an individual prize…


@Fragity is correct:

So if you didn’t claim the animated portrait on an Atlas season branch, you won’t get it.



Everyone in this thread is correct! The Inquisitor portrait was based on what Tiers of Crom’s portraits you unlocked. If you unlocked Tier 1 of Crom, then you would have gotten Tier 1 of the Inquisitor.


So there was no team portrait for that season?

I have all Crom’s portraits (4 of them) also finished his line but somehow I got only (2/7) of Inquisitor ones, how come? Apparently support cannot find that I claimed animated one? The thing is, why wouldn’t I claim something that is free (portrait) when I claimed all his 500 shards…

I didn’t even do Croms line and got 5/7 of the avatars lol

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Are you just missing the first two? I think you only get tier one by finishing crom, and then tier 2, 3, and the animated were in the mythic gear lines.

Crom’s line is irrelevant as it didn’t have the animated portrait. You had to complete a mythic gear line to get that. But if you’ve got the animated Kragga poacher portrait unlocked… is it possible you got it the last time it was offered (summerflare) instead of in withermoon?

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Did you finish a mythic gear line in the season that just ended a few days ago?

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I see where are you guys coming from. Now things make more sense, my bad. Its just their explanation wasn’t at the best. I thought they are giving those portraits based on Crom’s one that we already had cause of mistake that was made on their side. :man_facepalming:t2:

a perfectly reasonable thing to think, since as far as I can tell there was zero in-game explanation for even the existence of this portrait.


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