Insanejokers lfm

Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – plat III – 1san3j0k3rs– 50 min level


We are looking for people who enjoy being a part of a diverse team. Talking and joking is a huge part of why we log in every day. But also breeding strong dragons is a good motivator too. We do very well in events and have solid strategies already in place. We do very well in wars too. We have a mixture of war waves and one on one war attacks. But our strength is knowing how to keep our defensive points down, but we are looking to improve further in that area with good players who arent afraid to talk in chat and can ask for their own war backup. We also have atlas and a bunch of experience in it now. If you havnt tried atlas out its really important to grow stronger dragons and bases!

It may says we are full but we are looking to move some alts to our vacation team 1ncandescent.

i read “insanejokes” xD

Now plat III

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