Inspiration from Jalen, P1: The Theory of Success

Success: what is it, precisely? Let’s break it down.

Success takes many meanings, so it is ambiguous. It can define as the established ability to proceed using what you already have accomplished as leverage. It can define as the point at which you have already done as much as your abilities will allow. It can define as the quality of having surpassed all others in the race to ultimate victory, looking vainly down upon those who have all but failed at matching your level of pure awesomeness. It can define as doing only that which is necessary to leave those below you incredulous at how you’d managed to outstep them because the task is so incredibly difficult that nobody should have had a fighting chance, and all they can do now is pound their fists into the nearest wall disapprovingly. It can simply define as being content with how much or how little you have done already.

Theoretically, success is more abstract than it is concrete. The word, “success” would imply that you have a specific point to reach, and for that to happen, a goal has to be made. Because without a goal, you’re striving for nothing, and constantly striving for nothing entails no success. A person with no goals is a person with no vision of where it is they aspire to go, and lack of such a vision detracts from the “success” aspect. This is bad.

How exactly is success made? Success, in theory, is made when you have found your own unique way to cross the bridge that separates every dreamer from the dream they are attempting to reach. However, it must be unique; uniqueness is the stimulus of accomplishment. Harry’s stratagem won’t work for Jane, because Harry’s is his own, and Jane is not Harry. You will never achieve success by trying to emulate what another person does; that strategy has been used, so yours must be different. This isn’t to say that the concept of inspiration is tactless, however, just that direct imitation is never the causation of one’s transformation.

The foundation of success is the plan, and building on top of that will be the journey that is undertaken to ensure the plan is fulfilled (which is the success point, obviously). However, there is another element to success separate from the plan, and that is what is known as direction. You may have orchestrated a masterful plan, but not even the most brilliant of plans will ever come to fruition if the direction is flawed.

Oftentimes, it is not about the journey itself, but about the steps taken along the way. One step made with poor judgment may cause the entire journey to run amok, or to crumble. This is why it is imperative that you make only the rightest of choices along your journey to the peak of the mountain. Success is roughly 20% plan, and 80% commitment. (Although that can be subjective.) Another thing to note is that there will always be those bent on keeping you off the path to success; don’t allow them to brush you off. Stick to the path like honey.

How will it be known when success has been achieved? There is no evident indication of success, or of its arrival. Success may either take an overt form, visible and apparent to both yourself and every onlooker, or it may be covert, blanketed from everyone else standing as an eyewitness, and maybe even yourself. You will know you have achieved success when in place of something to fight toward, you have something to fight upon; this meaning, you now fight to sustain and to improve, rather than to conquer.

However you define “success” in your own subjective words, every achievable form of it starts with a plan, is stimulated by action, and ends once you have persevered long enough in doing said action to actually make a difference in effect from when you started. You never start out with success; you have to create it, and you have to continue to nurture it once it’s been achieved. Success is like a plant: requiring attention/dedication to fully develop, and extended attention/dedication to sustain itself.


Clearly presented and well explained, however in the context of this game it’s not necessarily about your own personal goals and plans, it’s who else has a goal of opposing you and blocking your goals and plans.


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