Inspiration or rambling


This is just meant to draw inspiration how things maybe could have been or maybe in the future could be.
I know nothing on game mechanics but I do love to fantasize about how things used to be back in the time of Kings and Queens and castles.
The world of atlas is crazy. Honestly, I both love it and hate it and I am a very small fish in this ocean waiting for the sharks to show up. I believe there could be some order brought to the land to make more sense if for a second we just look at the idea of this game.
Division of lands by a Hierarchy and different regions. So
Kings and Queens and plus better land in the middle- Diamond teams
Surrounded by Lords and Ladies and lands- Sapphire teams
Surrounded by Knights and Dames and their lands- Platinum teams
Neutral and NML could be here and there but also on the outskirts of it.

Each league unlocks the access when they reach the better tier of land.

Okay now that I have that out of my head… Someone can throw in why this won’t work or a better concept.


Land is already divided that way (levels) but what determines your ability to get the land is the skill and organization of your team.

I don’t think it would work the way you suggest because teams change leagues. Would I lose all my top land if I went to Sapphire for a week?


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So you want to make famous phrase “Hello peasants” legit part of conversation between D1 teams and gold?:eyes::joy_cat:


This is all hypothetical. So it could be once you’ve unlocked the land, you are able to stay in that land if you can hold your castle. You’ve earned that right.


Well that’s one way to look at it. Right now atlas is a dog eat dog world so what’s stopping that now? If there was a little more separation in the lands then why would a diamond want a platinum land? Platinum would fight amongst themselves and also fight to move up.


Jk jk,dear :rose:
I’m sorry,just can’t resist :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:
Tbh,I think that Atlas must be separated by leagues and alliances must be formed according to influence.
So at least there won’t be any way to swap lands or get cheat GP,swapping stronger team to weaker league/alliance for a day-two


It’s soooo hard to judge the mood these days. Thank you for adding to the conversation.


Damn the header of this thread spiked my interest. I thought it was about me… I’ll be going now.


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