Installing of an Update Button? Share your thoughts



You know when you update your game and some people don’t… you try to defend your team in a war attack and can’t?

Well what do you all think about a message that pops up and leads you right too the update as soon as you open the app. This doesn’t allow players too go any futher without updating to eliviate this problem.

I’ve also edited this post to make the focus on the button not so much the update issue with compatability.


What kind of device does your friend use? I have run into the issue of my device not being compatible either. Mostly asking for informational purposes.


Samsung s7 edge / Android.


I am having the same issue, same phone model. S7 Edge running on Android 7.0. Supposedly they’re trying to figure it out as high priority.


All for it, so frustrating to loose a war because defense points are lost when other players are on a different version. I would think if you added a second button to ‘report an issue’ that takes you only to in game support and gives you the force update screen otherwise would solve your question. I think the only other scenario would be if you couldn’t open the app and then your path to support is browser forum or communicating with a team member to put in a support ticket just as it is today.


Hi Ohgam,

Yes that’s what I’m doing atm. But PG are aware of it and are working on it.

But yeah I also think a report issue button on the force update pop up would be a good feature too involve!


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