Instant Breed Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss our new Instant Breed feature!


I’m impatient to try it but I’ll wait for feedback from others first before trying, in case instant breed “wastes” tokens and I’m not worried about the time it takes to breed it.

It might be worth it to accept the waste so you can get more tokens from missions and food and XP… So thank you for this!

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in the gif:

Are you sure you want to hatch 13598 eggs?

That’s definitely gonna be a confusing word choice. I think it actually means breed that many times, spend 20x that many (or less depending on discounting) boken. It doesn’t refer to hatching or either of the things (bokens, completed incubatable breeding products) that we usually call eggs in this game.


I’ll definitely be waiting for others to use it and see if there are any problems. It is nice though that it’ll let people know how many egg tokens they need to breed that dragon.
Im most excited about being able to use mystics all at once instead of tapping for 5 minutes

gap between what it takes to earn those dragons and finally experiencing what they can do in battle firsthand.

HAHAHAHA, The cost of Abyssals would like you to see the irony of this statement :rofl:

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That reminds me, we should all take ss of out tokens and frags before we venture into this.
If anything happens, support will ask for proof


It’s spelt ‘when’, I’m not sure what that I or F is doing there.


What about research eggs for builder hut? If you instantly breed do you still get those eggs as well?

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You’ll be able to select the number of Mystic Fragments you wish to use with this update. To get there, players will need to go into the Incubator

What if I have a dragon in the Incubator? Does that mean that I will not be able to.use that feature?

Short answer is yes.

The builder hut eggs come from cheaper eggs in the same pool of fragment options while breeding a higher valued egg. So if you pair up 2 parents that have 2 child eggs that both require 400 fragments, say child A is a sapphire and child B is a garnet, and the ratio of fragments for each one is say 1:3, and you invest enough tokens “breed” 1600 times, then you’ll have 400:1200 fragments, or 1 sapphire egg and 3 garnet eggs.

So it’s will essentially work the same as auto breed, you just won’t see it happening over time, it’ll happen instantly.



The mystic frags feature is already available through the breeding castle, so no.

Yes he can u do not need the incubator to use blue fragments or egg tokens so unless they change theslide bar click a dragon u want to bred in castle, tap on the dragon ur going to get and its right there but of course u have to atleast have 1 frag on the dragon in order to

Mystic frags are available in incubator or in breeding castle if you already have at least 1 frag completed on the dragon.

You can still back breed, but you currently have to manually scroll to the parents. (Hopefully there will be another update where you can click on them like before)

The instant breed feature will be available I’m assuming the day before breed like normal

When you use instant breed it tells you the amount of eggs you’ve gotten such as 12 emerald and 2 obsidian or something.

Obviously it still has some rough edges but it’s something that everyone has been asking for, for literally ever. It’s a great thing to be coming out with and I’m sure there will be updates to it as time goes on.


Very nice :slight_smile:
now cut the eggs cooking time in half and we can be friends :grin:



Those 2 dragon parents are gonna need a rest after breeding 13000 times :flushed:


Thanks, nice enhancement

That’s what she said after breeding 13,000 times.

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Are you guys just trying to take away all the funnest elements of the game?

It’s something that I look forward to every 4 weeks just watching the eggs tick off one by one for hours on end. Now you’re taking this joy away from me.

What next? You going to open multiple chests instantly?

Ruin all my fun why don’t you?!?


Just your average Tuesday night

I may have missed something but I don’t see the spot to select how many tokens to use. Just the mythic fragments which I love being able to use from this page!