Instant Breeding misunderstanding

I was going to breed green research eggs . I put 5000 breed instead of 500. I thought 5000 breed means 5000 tokens . And in just 1 click I lost around 80k tokens and around 65k return of green eggs …so can you plz help me and take necessary steps to send back my material so that I can breed correctly. Before breeding research egg , I have almost 80k tokens and almost 90k rubies.


Maybe PG can do something . Day 1 of new breeding setup such kind of misunderstanding are common. Hope you get your rubies back


hmm i tell you what they say on screen so i do not feel sorry for the loss


Be nice😝


well it was the honest truth lol it does say right on the screen this many tokens and this many rubies :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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wow that’s pretty bad, does seem like a misunderstanding and i hope PG helps


it steady states the amount of rubies it is going to use lol that would be his fault for hittng that button


I got 50% refunded


You lost 80k tokens and 65k rubies when you hit the button that said “spend 80k tokens and 65k rubies”?

There have been some confusing interfaces in the game but this one seems incredibly clear about how much you’re about to spend.


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I have also similar situation. I used 55K egg token to get 10 garnet eggs by using instabreed button. The problem is, I forgot that I should use that token for next breeding, instead of throwing it away into research eggs.

Can I get back my 55K token please? @Arelyna

Of course not, why would you get a refund and free event points for changing your mind?


This is happen because of the instabreed feature. We don’t have much time to digest and analyse the circumstances and BOOM, all you have is your token have already gone…

I think it’s a fair and reasonable for me to ask for a revertation, since this is a new feature, which is not familiar for us.

It’s not really Support or PG’s job to fix people’s messes for them. If something glitched that’s one thing but not reading what is on the screen isnt a reason to get a refund and get free event points and prizes.


Hopefully you can get helped out, I know a lot of people on the forums like to just say “o well u suck” but hopefully you can get some help, that blows


I mean do you guys just sit here waiting to tell players how much they suck or what?


I don’t know. With every new feature you’d expect people to go slowly, as it’s unfamiliar.

I get if PG made a change to something that’s familiar (eg when they made choice prizes in seasonal lines) but this is totally brand new. Don’t people check it out first, try and see what the various icons do before they press the GO button?


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