Instant RSS transfer

I am not sure if this is new idea, but couldn’t find it here on forum. There are situations where you wait for rss and can’t allow to wait longer. I would gladly pay with (small amount of rubies) to reduce time like 1min/ 1rub. or the other maybe even better solution would be if we could accelerate it and get only 80% or less like 10 min 10 or 20% of rss down. :thinking::thinking::thinking:
I know there are more important and urgent things to fix, but this would be a nice feature.


They could make it so that you can use speed ups to speed up a RSS transfer. Hypothetically.

Ive long wondered why they made it 20 minutes. I understand why they don’t want it to be instant, but 5 minutes or even 3 minutes would have been fine.


Or maybe we could use all the Atlas Haste items to speed up our RSS transport dragons :smile:

For me, its good that we have 20 minutes transfer.

For things like this event, when it hasn’t started, I would normally transfer it to my team mate while he transfers his rss to me. We will keep on doing this until we see the event starting.

No rss lost even if it’s delayed except for my farms if I forgot to collect them.

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Ok but how many times have you prayed that you can survive raiding until you get your last shipment? Hate it when I need to wait 20min. Worst is a precious gift when you head to bed at 2am :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::rofl: I know there are systems and coordination needed, just telling I would gladly pay with something in some specific situations when 20min take forever

We mean in the regular game, not atlas.

I was just joking because I never really use them in Atlas :wink:

@pgCampusLifer had a really good response for this issue of why the time frame was set as such. Unfortunately I can’t find it while on my phone but someone else may be able to find it for you

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It’s convenient - 20 minutes that you don’t have to be worried about being raided. Then, have a teammate transfer it back to you. Like Mech said, it has been discussed before so please read that before posting. I would be okay if they let us choose the time it takes to travel:
5 minutes to 20 minutes

PG’s servers aren’t the best and think about the spamming of instant transfers of 1 wood and 1 lumber haha

The OP proposed an option outside of the 20 mins window. You can use it or not use it.

If ruby speed up and ruby for tokens are options in game, i dont see where this hurts people. Unless cheaters can make tons of wood and send super fast.

Whether it can get implemented, would be completely at PG’s discretion.

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They don’t explain here why. Only comment that it would be even better to prevent dumping which is questionable. I don’t mind a time frame. Just stating that sometimes it feels too long and If there would be a way to speed up a little, I would be happy. Maybe instant is not best…

Nope 20 minutes is good for me that’s perfect time for me to gather food so when the delivery hits I can feed a dragon

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Her response was so trolly…lol. :rofl:

Some people here don’t seem to understand the proposed feature.
Noone will take your 20minutes of waiting away, there will simply be an option to speed it up for those who are willing to spend a couple of rubies.

Situationa when rss are protected on the way is useful, but imagine when you need just few min., but raiders come and you have to dump or have packs or spend a lot of rubies (worst idea ever). It would be your decision if you want to wait full time or pay for a little quicker transfer. Sorry I still don’t understand how this could be worse than current status :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Did you notice they increased the amount of resources we can transfer? Not the speed but hey, it’s something.

Thanks PG!

Still the same for me :man_shrugging:

Edit maybe it did go up by a bit. I’m not 100% sure how much tho

Mine went up 40k was 229k or so now 268,320

It’ll only go up for people over level 186, that’s when rss transfer amount got capped


I noticed that yesterday. Our 303 lvl player was sending about 230k before or something like that. I got 390k from him in one package. So quite a nice boost for higher lvls.

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