Instant summon on atlas events prize instead of the red fragments

Hi everyone :muscle:

Considering the constantly developing world of atlas and the increasingly in demand for troops could it be a good idea to add instant summon (which is now bound only to those who buy atlas troop packages when they are proposed) as resources in Atlas event prizes? Maybe instead of those famous and now useless (due to the advent of blue stones) red stones for atlas riders :eye:

Instead of 1 or 4 red stones at each prize 1 or 4 instant summons (1k troops each instant summon) at each prize.

I think this can be a good way to replace a useless resource with a useful one and at the same time incentivize players to take the prizes of Atlas events.

Maybe even think of an exchange with the Red fragments accumulated to date :grin::joy:



This would be amazing… so I don’t think they’d do it. :joy::roll_eyes:


too good of a deal for pg to consider like @Scin said

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Good idea, but I doubt they will listen lol. But a total rework of ours countless currencies by making them less and more useful for all would be nice and this could be a start haha.


The only problem with this is we don’t technically want less of them-- then we’ll have an issue similar to the current one with ice shards.

But, we need them to be multi-purpose so a person has the ability to choose on what they’d like to spend their rss.

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Ok, true.
But I doubt the economy team would like that idea. They want this confusing mass of currencies to have people spend money in the hope to get their stuff built or leveled although you can’t come far with ours super packs lol. It would be too easy for the players to calculate in advance how to reach their goals.

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Instant summining 100 troops in exchange for thise red shards a big help

Blue shards do not obsolete red shards, the red shards are still required to level blue shard riders.

I do however think that red shards should be replaced with another in game resource (troops would be nice, but we already have these in the form of horns in the lines), maybe egg tokens (and now is going to sound weird, but replace the red shard requirement on level riders with egg tokens or remove it entirely… I prefer the latter)

Maybe it could be like the festive dragon shards, like when you accumulate enough to max all the riders then it will revert to summon troops instead

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