Instant troops prize

You should add instant troops to prize lines or Atlas chests instead of only when you seriously mess something up. Unless of course you give them every time you screw up an update, but giving in chests or prize lines would be awesome.


Would be nice to see all of Atlas prizes rebalanced with the new blood joining. Doing 6600 badges for 3k egg tokens seems a bit off…


Good god no.

Limiting the pace of troop acquisition is one of the only things PG got right in regards to atlas.

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Tbh I think being gated behind hospital revive caps is the primary barrier.

Troop numbers is an issue but a lower issue in my opinion because its already gated.

I don’t mind the idea of having some “emergency” troops that you can bring in if your 5ta is going through a fast passed war. Or you just want a day off from WD so you summon some troops instead of build them fresh.

Having some troop summons gives players more flexibility to play WD their way.

Lots of the atlas prizes seem shite.

I mean atlas elite costs a decent amount of money and it has always amazed me that the premier prizes are in main game and not atlas given you can play main game for free.

The atlas prizes should absolutely be better. Most the prizes I can’t even use. Scrolls, 1-5 star rider tokens, red shards.

It’s quite depressing to look at an atlas prize line and see 50-80% of it is worthless junk when we pay so much for atlas elite.

Having even 10 x 1,000 troop summons in an elite line as the final prize would be very cool :slight_smile:

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I don’t think you understood what I was against… I’m not against instant troops. I’m against them being purchaseable.

Still not sure the whole point of your post. What’s wrong with hospital caps?

I don’t agree with you here at all. Number 1 resource is timers, and Atlas is the main free source of that. Sure atlas elite is over priced. Honestly main elite should cover both.

Also you saying that it “has always amazed me that the premier prizes are in main game”…. Well it is the MAIN GAME!!!

Frankly Atlas should be an event again. The map should completely reset every season, including players troop count… but massive prizes should be given each season based on final Atlas rank. That would put an end to the stagnation that is Atlas and would give a feasible goal to Atlas.


All fair and valid points Mike!

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