Instead of boycot lets suggest here reasonable suggestions for pg


They don’t care unless their churn rate is negatively affected. Which is the point of a boycott

And when they to throw us a bone they check the size of it to make sure it’s not too large (cuz apparently agreeing to all reasonable demands is harmful to the game ok pg I see how it is…)


I think it’s intentional so that others can see what dragon it is if they click on it instead of seeing a nickname and getting confused. It’s a shame though, some pretty funny nicknames out there


PG legend says players have massively quit over too large bones before :skull_and_crossbones:


Noooooooo —scrap the fire & ice shards! Convert them all into elemental embers & have done with it! Much simpler than faffing with drop rates…
And black pearls whilst you’re at it!


that could be well


Yet that appears to be the only lesson they have learnt (probably based on some exaggerated/misquoted sources). All other lessons about lying/misrepresenting, overly aggressive monetization, making their player base feel like second class citizens, not investing enough into programming a balanced/relatively stable game, etc have been completely ignored.


I forgot that /s tag, I was completely sarcastic on that one :see_no_evil:

It’s a reference to the thread about the ruby/token/speedup rewards for level ups they have tested in a game wide A/B test where PG ultimately said that too large rewards make players quit.


A graph screen that shows the progression of a teams progress toward reaching the next tier ,whether negative or positive in the league they are in on a weekly updated stasis.


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