Instruction box in Events

Would it be too difficult to have an instruction box in all pvp events. Having one during the Pit fight was handy. It would be handy during Capture the Flag as well.
This would make it nice to list priority on targets.


In CtF can’t a team mark teams they want to attack so they show up red and on the top of the screen isn’t that kind of like what you are asking?

IMO, sometimes there is something thet cannot be explained using a simple mark.

True but it still helps a little I guess.

Exactly! We mark the teams we want hit, but we can’t say this one team has our flag.

I’d even settle for, say, 3 different colored targets: Red: lost flags, Yellow: focus attacks; Blue: Stalemate. Anything that could help with coordination and communication would be nice.


That’s fantastic

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