Instructions for opening silver chests

I wrote this for my team for opening silver chests. What should I add, remove, or correct? Thanks in advance. :rose:


Silver chests: these chests contain runes. They are not event related. You can 1) open them sooner rather than later since the runes could be useful or 2) save them for super sigil weekends. During the super sigil weekends (normally the last two weeks of the season) the silver chests are replaced with super sigil chests. If you enter the weekend with an unredeemed Bonus Chest, the chest will yield sigils when it is opened … therefore getting free sigils. :heart_eyes:

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If mention something about silver chests not being available to open during those weekends. Only reason is because you have your second point to “save them until the super sigil weekend” which isn’t entirely correct. Just need to open them prior to these events

Also maybe something about Runic chests being similar except the entire PvP events lately? And sigil chests Friday til Sunday?

I was unsure of the particulars. So on super sigil weekends, the regular silver chests are available to open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday?

Keep in mind if you don’t claim 30 right away, you will get free silver chests every now and then

I actually didn’t know that, assuming you mean dropping from monuments by “free every now and then.” :man_shrugging:

Every few hours you can claim one free silver chests similarly to bronze chests. (I don’t remember the exact time)

Silvers still drop even if you are waiting on the bonus I think :thinking:

Hm. I got zero this event from monuments. I’ve noticed sometimes I get none and thought you might have solved that for me, haha. Thanks for nothin :wink:

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It is true you can get the free silver chests (not from monuments) every now and then. That was how I was able to build back up to my bonus chest without having to open 30 at a time then holding off on the bonus :laughing:

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That’s what I’m doing too :smiley: No point in saving that bonus for months if you might get somethin’ good. Got a legendary wisdom once.

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I find that bonus rune is often only worthy of being dusted, unless that bonus chest was opened when Runic chests were out. Even then you might wind up with something not worthy of being used. But at least you have better luck than with a silver chest’s bonus chest lol.


Yeah I mean I’m just not claiming mine right now (hit 30 last night) since recently they’ve been giving runic chests every pvp event (which is a couple days away in theory). I’d rather miss a couple free ones than get a couple free ones than have to open 25 to get back to 30

Edit: And yes silver chests are god awful literally not sure if I’ve ever got anything usable in there ever other than those tiny specks of dust :tada:

me too :laughing:

5 free bronze chests per 24 hour period. Claimable in 20 minute intervals

1 free silver chest per 24 hour period.

If you don’t claim them you lose them


I’m gonna get to 10 free silvers from the last 2 events and then I’ll prep for the likely runic chests next week. :joy:

Oh, I didn’t know the exact frequency. Thought they just popped up from time to time. Cool to know :+1::+1:

I didn’t realize that people didn’t know about the free chests. The free silver is different from the free bronze in that the free silver can be claimed every 24 hours from the moment you claimed it (as long as free chests are available and an event is on) whereas bronze chests start giving free ones at 8pm EST (was 7pm but daylight savings). If you haven’t claimed a free bronze chests in the previous 20 min when the freebies reset, it’s there immediately to claim, but the silver will have to wait til it hits 24 hours from the point you last claimed one.

Hope that made sense, it’s late.

I need to rewrite my instructions with steps. Maybe have a dated timeline in the instructions for the newbies. :thinking:

I’ll post something when tomorrow then. Maybe then it will be easier to correct me.

Usually the events sequence is fortification-pvp-breeding-pvp-… and then fortifucation again.
Now, during each pvp event, the silver chests are replaced by runic chests. So, before pvp, you need to open silver chests to have bonus chest available. Then wait for pvp and take free runic chest.
Best time to prepare bonus chest, from my point, is when the breeding / fortification is just finished (Tue, when you have results and get your prize), so you get all your 5 free silver chests during event (one per day during event).

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I didn’t realize the runic was only offered during the pvps. Thanks. :rose: