Insufficient currency error

Anyone else having issues spending rubies or opening gold chests? Currently I have a ticket open from early this morning with no response. I have 11.5k rubies saved and a few gold chests that show in armory but when I try to open them or spend rubies for more gold chests I get insufficient currency error. Support ticket 1085843

Happened to a few u need a ticket lol i would check your elemental shards n fire ect

Shards are fine no change in them at all.

K cuz they can go - like hers did

I have a same problem to… :confused: anyone knows what to do??

It’s on pgs end

Happens to me all of the time especially when claiming fast…

Sometimes the chest will disappear after that message but exit out and come back.
Nothing on your end it’s them! Probably servers all bogged down!

Even though my shards showed all positive pg looked and showed me -875 elemental shards. They credited them back and fixed the problem.

Thanks, I removed the game and reinstalled but it is the same…

I would open a ticket and check all the shards u have fire ice and elemental. If any of them show negative amount that’s the issue and pg will need to fix it.

You need to open a ticket and contact support.
If you can’t in the game use the website. Don’t reply multiple times to the ticket as each reply will move the ticket to the end of the line.

Although this is a post that has provided helpful information, typically this isn’t the best place. Sync errors happen often and the most efficient way for pg to deal with them is to have a ticket log of the problems.

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“Insufficient currency” errors can occur when opening chests too quickly. Usually a force close and reopen can solve this issue.

If you are continuing to face issues, everyone on this thread is correct that contacting support is the best course of action.

Lol I told you wife had that problem they fixed it


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