Insufficient disk space issues?


Is anyone else having this issue? It keeps kicking me off the game. I will delete at least two apps just to get back on. Can anyone help me out please. Only started after the last big update. It’s killing me.


It’s like it says; clear out more space. Atlas added a lot of new files.

Settings > General > iPhone Storage > look at the largest apps you can delete or at least get rid of apps you never use. If you have a huge amount of other stuff, such as photos/videos, move those to a computer, and delete them from your phone.


Normally the culprit for this is photos and music stored to your device. In my case, like 80% of my storage has gone to photos I’ve taken. Each photo actually is pretty high quality and uses a lot of diskspace.


I understand that. I deleted quite a bit off my phone but it was still giving me the error. I had to reset my phone completely. All good now. Thanks.


i think you could have just looked through a bit carefully. you might have deleted some important files on your phone so its pretty worrisome if you did a factory reset just to clear space.

nothing serious though, but things like work file or photos that isn’t backed up might be gone forever.


If the actions of PG didn’t demand that i SS every error message I receive and every conversation i have ever had with them i wouldn’t need to fill my phone with photo’s!! :slight_smile:


I didn’t delete anything important, I back up and I don’t really keep much on here anymore. I’ve lost to many things over the years to not have everything saved in other places. No worries :slight_smile:️ The most important is pictures and I got them all off before I did anything.


Apps on the phone such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc use up a lot of storage. Reinstall them every month or so and you will free up a lot of storage.


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