Insulting an cheating

Despite not being able to defend against most of bozkurtlar teams attacks they need to degrade woman in such a way that is disgusting and disrespectful to any woman in the game! Something needs to be done about this!


_> Yeah that was messed up. We have a rivalry with that team but that was just disgusting. I was a bit caught off-guard.
I did block them after that but they seem to think its okay to say that and mocked us for warning they were getting reported for it.

Here’s a good idea, BLOCK.

Crazy people are everywhere; if you haven’t met any in real life, then you’re just extraordinarily lucky :rofl:


I wrote that I blocked them already. ^

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Never said anything like that.

Ladyslim, you do realize that those people were not replying to YOU right, they were replying to the original poster…

That’s rich coming from you Grimm.

@moderators can we close this thread and encourage people using the block and report feature for language, and creating a ticket for perceived cheating.

No, the person in that photo was replying to me. Directly. I’m on Grimm’s team. Grimm opened the topic on this forum but I am the one that was the target for Lewent’s comment.

There’s another post going on this topic, no need to make one more spam post.
@psarus @modmat can you please close this.

This isnt the same topic.

Close both. Take it to LC. Leave us out of it.

@ModMat @Psarus @TheRedDelilah

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I was replying to SugarWalls’s comment before the edit :rofl:

Then have the moderators handle it I guess. No one here has to get involved in this forum post if they don’t want to.

Ah okay, my bad :slight_smile:

Lady clearly this was wrong place to post! Cant wait till them or there team members get insulted then we will see there reaction!

Again this isnt the 10% of shittalking you will see in this game ! :joy: you all talked shit to them, they talked shit to you :man_shrugging:t2:

You mean block/report? If something bothered me that badly that is what I would do. Certainly not do this…

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I didn’t say junk anywhere near that, that’s for sure. But if general trash talk makes things like the afformentioned okay then we’re absolutely in the wrong place.

Lady its kool they will bitch when they get farmed lol but saying disgusting shit to a female calls for no concern!