Inter Team Gold Transfers Broken

Teams can’t transfer gold to each other. This was an important tool in paying each other for when mistakes happened when hitting allies because currently there isn’t a way to block that (hint hint). But seriously. This would be nice to have back. It’s hard to be a pirate if you can’t have someone send you any booty :frowning:


So you said team used to be able to share their gold to other team? Interesting​:thinking::thinking:

Maybe they were concerned that high level teams would extort funds for the privilege of existing?

This should be possible. It was unintentionally lost in the move to 3D and the new UI. One of our engineers recently added a button to the bank page which allows bankers (or those with banking power) to send gold from one of their team’s banks to an enemy bank (tap on the donate button on the destination bank). I think this is live now.

I just initiated a transfer from my storage and a transfer from my team’s bank to another team’s bank. Assuming those arrive it looks like this is fixed

Inter-team transfers confirmed working

Extra info in case anyone has issues:
You need to have vision at the castle you are transferring to, meaning the castle is not obscured by fog of war. With your own castles you automatically have vision but with other team’s castles your team must have a primarch or safe passage at that location

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