Interactive touch for backers

Hey guys
So I don’t really know if this has ever been pitched and flipping through two years of forums to find it would be a bit time consuming so instead I wanted to pitch an idea for interactive touch for followers to highlight certain towers for the attacker to focus on by touching them to make it easier for the backer when it’s their turn. It wouldn’t do any damage or modify the tower in any way other than highlighting the tower for the main attacker to see and focus their attacks on marked targets. This would make wars more strategic as well as helping our teammates focus fire in needed areas for resource runs or general experience runs. What do u think?


I actually like this idea. I suspect connections may limit this to an extent but still. It would really help with training team mates

Great idea. Usually we’re using the chat but things get lost when there’s defence. Problem will be lag.

Also a do not touch button. Hey lol 20 backer don’t touch that sanded flak… doh nm

And also add feature : watch only. For backers and defenders. Cuz sometimes u wanna see high lvl players in action

Only problem I see with this is that battles can get super laggy already when there are defenders and attackers in the same battleroom.


Oh yeah, scratch that idea of mine. Forgot boug that

Guess you would need to pester your high level players to remember to record the run when flying it. Then post the video to your line group chat room

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